Smart Ways To Track Health With Your Phone

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It is not just necessary to monitor your health in the modern world. This has become a fashion trend. The ranks of such people are constantly replenished. Mobile app developers have created a great number of programs that track certain indicators.

With a smartphone, you can measure your heart rate, calculate calories at lunch, or watch how you slept last night. There are hearing test apps. Plus, smart applications will remind you to drink a glass of water and count the steps you’ve taken in a day. Let’s consider which free health care apps are the most functional.

Apps that remind you to have a glass of water

On average, a person should drink from 1.5 liters of water per day. This norm fluctuates because people lead different lifestyles. Coffee drinkers, active training enthusiasts, and runners need more than other people. With the help of special applications, you can set your daily norm for the day and also set reminders so that you don’t miss a single glass of water.

Plant Nanny

The essence of the application is to develop a habit for its user to drink water at a certain interval. You can also prescribe your schedule for the whole day. It is possible to choose the volume of packaging – from small to large, and your plant will automatically adjust itself to it. The choice of flowers and pots is very diverse, each of them is programmed for a certain volume of drunk liquid.

You drink a glass of water and press the special button in the application. The flower is watered and you are satisfied. Otherwise, it sighs sorrowfully and dries up. The program can calculate how much water you need to drink in a day, and a schedule is drawn up based on these data.

Water Balance

The application interface clearly shows on a male or female figure how much water you have drunk at the moment. As you drink the glass, the figure fills in blue. The program can independently calculate the amount of water needed for a particular person. It takes gender, height, weight, age, and rhythm of life as a basis.

In Water Balance, you can take into account not only water but all drinks in general that were drunk during the day. The app will show how a particular liquid affects the body’s water balance. For example, coffee has a diuretic effect. This means that you need to add about two more glasses of water to the daily norm. You can also note whether there were any training sessions during the day, and the app will add a few more glasses to the daily requirement.

Calorie Counting Apps

The amount of calories consumed affects not only the slimness of our figure but also the work of the brain and the entire body in General. Sometimes it happens that the number of calories seems to be enough, but the norms of protein, fat, and carbohydrates for the day are not met. There is a great way to track this – install special apps for counting calories.

My FitnessPal

A well-known app for counting calories. Contains an extensive database of food items, updated every day. The user can create their dishes in unlimited quantities and count how many proteins, fats, and carbohydrates there are. In addition to these basic indicators, MyFitnessPal indicates how much sugar, fiber, and cholesterol a dish contains.

The app syncs with the site, and data can be entered from your mobile or PC. MyFitnessPal helps you track the user’s weight dynamics.

Fat Secret Counter

Free and convenient software for calculating calories. It is possible to recognize the product by its bar code, and the name database itself is extensive. There are separate categories for products, restaurant dishes, supermarkets, and many others. In addition to proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, the application will indicate how much sodium, sugar, cholesterol, and fiber is in the product. There is a diary that indicates how many calories are spent.

Step counting applications

Perhaps even the most useful and functional products in combination with the huge amounts of water consumed per day will be powerless in the fight for your health if you simply do not have enough activity. This is why apps for counting steps were invented. In them, you can set the rate that you want to pass for the day, and stick to it, gradually increasing the indicator.

Noom Walk

A very easy-to-use pedometer that performs its function perfectly. The app does not significantly affect battery consumption. You can share your success in a day or a week in social networks. Very motivating, isn’t it?


The program automatically takes into account your steps on a walk or jog. The Moves app represents data in the form of circles of different sizes that represent the distance traveled. The app tracks the number of steps each day and has a built-in map that shows data about your walks.

Sleep tracking apps

These apps are designed to monitor sleep phases and wake the user at the moment when it is easiest for them to wake up. These programs also show the time of deep and fast sleep, monitor the mode, and rise of the owners.

Sleep Cycle

The app can wake you up during a light sleep period. This makes getting up in the morning much easier and more enjoyable. Sleep Cycle also has a function for recording sleep quality as a percentage and determining the most sleepless night. The app calculates the average time spent in bed and records it.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

An alarm app with sleep tracking and various alarms. The purpose of the program is to help people who do not fall asleep well and Wake up. Alarm Clock Xtreme will analyze your sleep and find out if it was enough. A very good app for people who suffer from sleep deprivation.

Applications for heart rate measurement

Especially useful for fans of fitness and any physical activity. Also suitable for people who care about the state of their heart and its endurance.


The app will measure your heart rate if you place your finger on the device’s camera. However, the data will be more accurate if you do it in a well-lit room. The cardiograph is easy to use, and data appears on the monitor screen after the measurement, which can be saved. It is possible to view the dynamics by day.


Pulse allows you to measure the heart rate using a smartphone camera and flash. The app analyzes data received at the touch of a finger. It can store and process all the received data in graphs. Contains a heart rate calculator: the app can give individual recommendations based on age and heart rate at rest. In the settings, you can set the time allowed for measurements and the sound if a heartbeat is detected.

Schedule applications for taking the pills

The free Medisafe app is a convenient, useful, and easy-to-use program that is designed to monitor your medication intake. Millions of people around the world use this app to take medications promptly and in the appropriate dosage, as well as monitor their weight, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and other body indicators.

This app will be a good helper for people with serious diseases who receive medications at a strictly defined time. In Medisafe, you can easily set specific parameters: dosage, time, and period of medicines reception. Also, you can add medications, receive reminders, see the dynamics of treatment and, if necessary, send medication reports in PDF and Excel format to your doctor.

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