Health IT Startup: Prime

Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes, founder and CEO, Prime

Prime allows users a way to make sure their friends, family and emergency contacts have access to their health by granting them full access at every hospital they visit. With Prime, users can stop worrying about keeping everyone up to date, and “tell the people that need to know, what they need to know.” Verifying that all HIPAA requirements are met, Prime secures information with bank-level security: All information is protected by state-of-the-art encryption. Access to the information is always monitored, and every member of the Prime team has been fully HIPAA trained.

Elevator pitch

Prime’s free mobile app helps patients aggregate their healthcare information from multiple sources into a single view on the go. Prime helps patients and their loved ones achieve a better healthcare experience by putting all their health information in one place.

Product/service description

Prime empowers people to take control of their personal health records on the go. Users can apply information from multiple sources into a single view giving them complete access to important data. The end result is individuals and their loved ones achieve a better healthcare experience. Prime is a free, HIPAA-complaint mobile app available for download in the Apple App Store.  The company launched out of Techstars in 2014. We have helped users connect to more than 50,000 personal health records.

Founders’ story is busy enough. Adding your own or a family member’s sickness strains you to a tipping point. Tyler Hayes is not a doctor and can’t cure diseases. But he is lending his tech expertise to innovations that improve the healthcare experiences for patients and their loved ones because he believes that “sickness sucks.” Tyler is an alumnus of the Techstars accelerator program. He has dedicated his career to improving healthcare experiences for patients and their loved ones. This philosophy led to his founding of Prime.

Marketing, promotion strategy

We rely heavily on social media and the press to help spread the word about Prime. Prime’s goal is always to help as many people as possible get their health history, so we’re going to just keep working toward that as hard and fast as we can — truly universal access to our own health information, on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Market opportunity

These factors lead to countless personal health records from physicians, specialists, labs, pharmacies and the like that individuals and families need to manage.

How your company differentiates itself from the competition

Prime was designed for mobile from the ground up and is the only app that instantly and automatically aggregates all health records with no manual entry required. Prime universally supports over 300 healthcare providers and has recently hit a milestone with 50,000 healthcare records connected.

Business model

We make money by helping give our users the things they need, like medication refills.

Current needs

EMR integrations — if you work at an EMR we don’t already support get in touch with us and we’ll have an integration up-and-running in a week, tops.

When founded


Number of full-time employees



San Francisco, California

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