Aetna Foundation: Using Tecchnology to Improve Health Outcomes

Here’s an infographic from the Aetna Foundation that I thought paired well with the recent piece I posted about the organization: HIT Thought Leadership Highlight: Dr. Garth Graham, the Aetna Foundation.

The image provides a pretty concise view on some of the prevailing thoughts on the use of consumer’s mobile technology and how perceptions of the technology might potentially improve patient outcomes.

Not surprising, one third of smart phone users look up health information on their devices via the web. Most surprising to me, though, is that according to the graphic, 25 percent of low-income adults own a smartphone; I shouldn’t be surprised given people’s passion for the latest devices. Hopefully, though, this will help improve their care and outcomes, individuals who, of course, would likely fall into the class of people most likely needing care but not receiving it or receiving it through non-traditional means.

If nothing else, as Aetna suggests through the image is that technology and personal devices may allow greater access to care and to information to improve care.

Such technology, and its use, is clearly the future of individual care and actionable outcomes for individuals. I only wonder what it will take to harness and implement real programs that help real people received sustainable care and guidance at the individual level, and how long it will take to become wide spread


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