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At least half of modern students think about a healthy lifestyle. What do we mean by a healthy way of life? Proper sport exercises, a balanced diet, good sleep, self-care, and giving up bad habits are the main principles of healthy people. Today there is a wide range of devices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Bracelets

They manage to count your heart rate and steps. Besides, they make sure that you don’t stay in the same sport for a long time and interrupt your activity to relax and do some sport exercises. If your smartphone is far away from you, you can use additional functions as sending messages and viewing notifications.

Smart Water Bottle

Keep up our fluid balance is important, but sometimes we forget to drink enough water in the modern pace of life. A smart water bottle is equipped with a sensor that counts how much water you drunk and reminds you if you don’t drink water for a long time. A smart bottle synchronizes with other devices and shows the history of water consumption and adjust a daily ration of liquid depending on your activity.

Posture Checker

The main goal of this device is to correct a posture and develop a habit of keeping a correct posture all the time. It’s attached to the body or clothes. The sensor remembers the correct position of your back and vibrates when you slouch or hump. The device is designed for people who spend a lot of time in one position. The disadvantage of the device is that the user sets the correct position of the back himself.

Now it’s time to look at mobile applications that will make you healthier.

Workout Planners

Sports activities will be more productive if you do it on an individual program. Set a goal, and an app will select the most suitable sport exercises for you. So, you will have time for doing sports, and there’s some time left for completing your college papers yourself without academic writing help. It will save your time in checking powerwritings review section and picking up a reliable service like WritePaperFor.Me. The disadvantage of these applications is that self-control is not good, and you might skip workouts.

Sleep Tracker Applications

Good sleep is key to a good day. It’s important to go to bed on time, create the right atmosphere in the bedroom, and wake up at the right moment. A sleep tracker application monitors your sleep, read movements and sounds, and determine the sleep phase. A convenient time mode is easy to set up, and the application wakes you up when the time comes. The application updates sleep statistics and give recommendations for sleep improvement.

Apps Preventing Bad Habits

People have a lot of different habits, such as smoking, shopping, gambling, etc. You can get rid of them or learn how to control them. In these applications, you manage to set a goal and write down all the details and daily norms. The days when you don’t exceed the daily norm are marked in green and in red if you couldn’t control the situation. Applications have a lot of motivational quotes and advice on what to do instead of a bad habit.

All these gadgets and applications are not a panacea from all human misery, but they help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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