Becoming A Travel Nurse 101: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide

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If you’re itching to travel, love meeting new people, and are passionate about healthcare, it might be time to consider becoming a travel nurse. Travel nurses fulfill all of the regular duties a traditional RN would. However, instead of sticking to one facility long-term, nurses bounce from destination to destination, helping understaffed hospitals. Currently, there is a massive demand for qualified nurses everywhere, which means traveling staff often have a leg up in the competition.

If you’re looking for location flexibility, a challenging experience, and long-lasting memories, take a look at this complete guide on beginning your career as a traveling nurse.

Traits of a successful travel nurse

If you are itching for adventure and have a passion for the medical field, travel-based nursing may offer you the best of both worlds. However, how do you know if you’re cut out for the role? Flexibility, trust, compassion, and reliability are just a few attributes that will make you shine as a travel nurse.

Additionally, an essential quality is being comfortable with change. As you can imagine, nurses’ day-to-day is not routine, consisting of emergency calls and unpredictable conditions. If constant movement and excitement make you tick, this may be the career for you. Once you’ve made up your mind, search sites like Fusion Marketplace to take the stress out of the hunt and jump right into your career.

Earn your degree

Before you jump into applications, it’s necessary to earn your associate’s or bachelor’s degree as a registered nurse from an accredited program. Most certified universities will offer RN programs varying in length and prestige. Additionally, if you’ve already received a non-nursing degree, many colleges will apply past credits or offer accelerated programs for those with previous education. Just make sure you check credential acceptability by state and country to ensure your license is valid everywhere you go.

Gain specialized experience in the real world

If you want a leg up in the competition, nail down your specialty before hitting the road, fine-tuning your resume for ambitious positions. If you are looking to take your nursing career to the next level, prioritizing real-world experience can boost that acceleration. By working in medical facilities post-graduation and honing your skills, you better your chances of landing your dream job down the road. Once you begin applying for traveling positions, you’ll be qualified for anything employers throw your way.

Find an agency

After completing certification courses and gaining life experiences, seek out a reputable agency to facilitate your job hunt. Because of the distinct nature of travel nursing, working with recruiters will vastly increase your odds of finding a job that matches your lifestyle. Each specialty and certification is different, so speaking with a recruiter can narrow down your unique circumstances. Not only will an agency help you find the perfect professional fit, but you’ll also sleep easy knowing you have someone in your corner during difficult decisions.

Take care of things at home

Many hospitals offer leaves of absence, so if you already have a full-time nursing gig, but want to explore travel nursing, talk to your manager and explore your options. It’s always best to make your intentions clear before you jet off, as some medical facilities won’t guarantee your position upon your return. However, many administrations welcome travel nurses’ ambitions with open arms.

Parting thoughts

Although diving head-first into a traveling nurse position may feel daunting and unfamiliar, the cultural, emotional, and monetary benefits are worth the apprehension. Before you jet off, tick-off necessary steps to boost your application, increase your confidence, and up your chances of landing your dream destination position.

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