Mobile Apps To Maintain Your Oral Health

Modern people have to deal with a busy schedule every day. As a result, people find it challenging to take care of their oral health. Unfortunately, we tend to put a career on top of everything else. Once you have made the decision to focus on diet, workout, hydrating, and sleeping properly, you experience that such healthy lifestyle is like your second full-time job.

We have high technology to help us maintain general oral health. In this article, we have prepared the best applications to keep you motivated to stick to a fitness routine, diet program, and teeth routine. We hope that your dream to have a Hollywood smile will come true very soon, together with a healthy mind and body. It is essential to visit a dentist regularly, but you have to be sure that the clinic is safe and has a good reputation.

There are many hidden risks at the dentist’s, like the tool Metal Air Water Syringe, which is never sterilized. You will find the information at We recommend you to ask your dentist about this issue. People must know the truth. Our list of mobile applications can take your oral health to an entirely new level. Toothcare will become much more manageable thanks to the following excellent apps.

By using these apps, you will get notifications when you have to get teeth cleaning, learn how to brush teeth correctly, various brushing techniques. Also, you will find it much easier to spend two minutes brushing your teeth as all doctors recommend.


According to the recommendations of all dentists, we should brush our teeth minimum for two minutes. It is a great idea to set a timer in order to determine how long two minutes is. If you end up brushing for a little fraction of the time you should, the BrushDJ will help you a lot. The app will play your favourite songs for two minutes. You can choose any song from your device. The app makes the tooth brushing time go faster and more enjoyable. Use if with children as well. The app will remind you to clean teeth twice a day, use floss, and mouthwash, too. It also keeps track of when your next dentist appointment is. It’s a fun way to stay healthy.


The innovative application aims to connect dentists with patients in emergency cases. Using the app, you will make communicating and assessing dental issues smoother and more precise. It is an excellent alternative to the phone or voicemail. You just need to download the “MyDentist” app, and when you have any issues with your teeth, you can use text, pictures, and other resources to let your dentist know about your dental problem. Your dentist will get the directions from where you are right now. You can use the app to make appointments or recommend your dentist to your colleagues and friends.


Using Text2Floss, you will get a lot of oral recommendations, which will be delivered to your device. You just have to register by texting your necessary information. Once it is done, the app will send you texts every evening. Follow its oral care tips to maintain your teeth healthy. The app will ask you if you have already done brushing and flossing. After using the app for seven days, users get a coupon for great oral health item. The app is free.



The Sorriso app works great for all individuals. Many parents use the app to monitor the oral health of their children. The app offers orthodontics and appointment reminders. You can sync the appointment with the calendar inside your mobile device. The app has exciting features for those who have to wear braces to make it really fun. You can set a countdown to the day when your braces come off. Users can create a smile time-lapse video, which will demonstrate you the changes in your teeth during the course of your orthodontic treatment. You can share the content with social media networks, like Facebook or just between your friends. Additionally, you will receive the braces and oral care instructions.


Always remember that taking care of your teeth is vital. Downloading the apps we have mentioned in the article, you will make oral health boosted and daily routine more convenient. Also, your children will enjoy teeth brushing thanks to these interactive apps. It is time to give yourself and your family a healthier smile.


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