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Health IT Startup: ELXR Health

Interoperability in healthcare is critical for doctors to coordinate care for their patients and improve their health. However, if physicians are using proprietary software in their offices, interoperability becomes a very difficult and very expensive challenge. Without interoperability in healthcare, doctors cannot guarantee the data they sent to a specialist will be received or interpreted properly. Today, doctors have to rely on fax machines to exchange patient information. This is an outdated and un-secure form of communication to exchange patient information.

At the center of all this is the patient, whose medical records containing their most sensitive information is traversing across fax lines. ELXR Health will change healthcare by giving physicians a new way to coordinate care and exchange information. With the platform, patients can create and manage their medical consents anywhere on a smartphone or tablet. ELXR Health can transform and translate health data into multiple formats; doctors can seamlessly exchange patient information regardless of the EHR software they sent to, or receiving from.

Elevator pitch
The ELXR Health platform is cloud-based engine that translates and restructures electronic health records into a format easily readable by any doctor’s office. We center our solution around the patient by providing them a responsive web application to create and manage their consents. This doctor-patient collaborative system will improve coordination of care systems and dramatically increase patient outcomes.

Founder’s story
Paul Emanuel, HCISPP, is the co-founder and CEO of ELXR Health. Emanuel has worked in healthcare technology for many years as a technician, a systems and security administrator, an EMR consultant and an HIE Engineer. His years of service in health IT enabled him to receive 14 IT certifications, and is a certified healthcare information security and privacy practitioner. He started his first company in 2008 helping rural health clinics adopt electronic health records and connect with state health information exchanges. He came up with his idea for ELXR Health from his years of experience in Health IT. ELXR Health was created to be the solution for doctors and patients to better coordinate care.

Marketing/promotion strategy
Behavioral health organizations, managed care organizations, hospitals and private practices are looking for a cost-effective way to exchange patient data electronically while improving patient outcomes while adhering to their state laws. Our engine allows doctors to translate, restructure and validate health data so the data being sent is the data being received.

ELXR Health gives the patient the ability to manage their consents at their convenience from their smartphone or tablet. We also give developers the ability to integrate with our API to improve their software and provide better care systems for doctors and patients.

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Health IT Startup: Healthspek

healthspek_logo_tagHealthspek is a free tool that manages personal and family health records by using an easy-to-use iPad app and mobile website to track, collect and safely disseminate healthcare information. Patient data is duplicated and stored on Healthspek’s secure cloud server — making it accessible 24/7 from multiple devices, anywhere in the world.

It helps users “take ownership over doctors’ electronic medical records, legal documents and automated refill reminders, insurance cards and more. Plus, account holders can manage medications, medical charts and images, track vitals, access care, and record physician, insurance and emergency contacts, among other features.”

Healthspek also receives medical records and facilitates electronic communications with providers. With the patient’s permission, doctors can access records through Healthspek, providing convenience for both you and your physician.

Elevator pitch
Healthspek is a complete tool available on any mobile device that can be used to track, collect and safely disseminate personal healthcare information from anywhere in the world, 24/7. It’s your personal health record—*you* should have access to it when you need it.

Randy Farr
Randy Farr

Product/service description
Healthspek is a free platform available on the mobile Web—accessible from any mobile device including PCs, tablets and smartphones—and iPad app that’s helped thousands of families and individuals across the country manage their healthcare records and provide access to all of their information 24/7. By creating an account at www.healthspek.com or on the iPad app and filling in the information relevant to you and your family, you instantly have unlimited access to everything from allergies, vitals and medication information to a repository for legal documents like your living will and power of attorney.

Founders’ story
Randy Farr is a healthcare industry veteran with a passion for allying healthcare and technology to improve physician practices and patient experience.

In 2001, Randy saw an opportunity in applying software technology to doctors’ offices to help physicians realize greater workflow efficiencies and a better bottom line and launched EaseMD, which grew to be one of the largest re-sellers of eClinicalWorks software in the country.

Out of his experience with EaseMD, Randy partnered with Bruce LeFew to develop Healthspek—a free tool that gives patients the ability to track, collect, manage and safely disseminate personal and family health records from any device—12 years later. Similar to EaseMD, Healthspek utilizes technology to better an important part of the healthcare system; but with Healthspek, the focus is on patient experience.

Randy is the energy behind Healthspek, and his excitement and enthusiasm for his work is immediately apparent when you meet him. Randy’s enduring drive to promote Healthspek’s mission has positioned himself and the company as driving forces behind a national demand for more access to and control of personal health records.

Bruce Lefew
Bruce LeFew

With 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Bruce LeFew knows physicians, patients, hospitals and their data. He knows their needs and has dedicated his career to providing enhanced operations for better population health management services.

In early 2013, Bruce and his partner, Randy Farr launched Healthspek, a free tool that gives patients the ability to track, collect, manage and safely disseminate personal and family health records from any device. They saw that the simple concept of shifting power from doctors to patients has the potential to reduce healthcare costs, eliminate unnecessary tests and procedures and motivate patients to pay more attention to their personal health.

At Healthspek, Bruce is the momentum. His unwavering dedication to the company’s mission has helped earn them national attention, with recognitions and awards such as one of 10 finalists in AARP’s Health Innovation @50+ LivePitch, Apple’s Best New Medical Apps of 2013 and winner of *MediaPost*’s 2013 Apply Award in the medical category to show for it.

Bruce knows good customer service and support is the best business practice, and in turn communicates with Healthspek users daily. Whether it’s an email or personal phone call, he ensures every customer concern or comment is addressed.

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Health IT Startup: InfoTech Healthcare

John Penland

Technology and healthcare have never been more dependent on each other and
ensuring your data is stored on HIPAA-compliant storage systems can be a
challenge. InfoTech Healthcare attempts to take this burden off the healthcare
facilities and provides customers with mobile storage platform to store data from X-rays to office documents. How many times do users email documents back and forth to share information and it not be encrypted? InfoTech Healthcare’s goal is to provide healthcare customers with a worry free solution that requires zero administration action from
the customer while providing information quickly to users no matter the location.

Elevator Pitch
InfoTech Healthcare makes it easy for healthcare organizations to share and store information on a highly secure HIPAA-compliant system that requires not administrative effort by the customer. InfoTech Healthcare provides the tools for users to operate with unlimited storage and share information
with other authorized staff quickly. The InfoTech Healthcare storage app is available for Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android to keep users connected from any location.

Product/Service Description
Healthcare providers count on storing their office and patient information in a safe and easy to use location. InfoTech Healthcare ensures that healthcare providers have an easy to use system that meets all the security
requirements of the industry. Our team manages all the backend requirements so healthcare providers can focus on using the system and not managing it. Highly detailed auditing is automatically turned on so that data can be reviewed by managed if ever needed. Our systems can be configured so that our support staff can retrieve information deleted from the system by any user. This prevents unauthorized data destruction and ensuring your organization is compliant with record management. Providing multiple layers of granular security, information can be restricted to seven levels of access ranging from ownership to denied access.

Founder’s story
John Penland is the CEO and founder of InfoTech Healthcare. John’s passion for cloud solutions started out of college when working with other healthcare software companies. To be successful, John realized that customers needed a safe and reliable service backed by outstanding customer support and education. John developed key partnerships with other vendors in the market to deliver customers a great set of services for healthcare providers that met all compliance regulations for HIPAA storage. InfoTech Healthcare storage systems are designed to lead the way in cloud storage for healthcare and other business organizations.

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Health IT Startup: GenoSpace

GenoSpace has built a comprehensive platform for genomic and other biomedical data. Its serves research, clinical development, pathology and clinical care customers who work with high-dimensional genomic and other biomedical data.

Elevator pitch

At GenoSpace, we are digital architects of genomic medicine. GenoSpace has built a comprehensive platform for precision medicine to enable interpretation, analysis, reporting and collaboration on high-dimensional genomic and other biomedical data. With specific applications supporting research, development, pathology and clinical care, many of the most advanced precision medicine organizations are powered by GenoSpace.

Product/service description

GenoSpace has built a comprehensive software platform for genomic medicine. The company leverages a single storage and security platform to deliver a variety of applications and services including reporting, population analytics, clinical trial matching, interactive physician and patient portals, and patient communities. GenoSpace specializes in data integration, modeling, analysis, interpretation, visualization and collaboration. GenoSpace applications serve users at laboratories, health systems, and organizations engaged in research and clinical development, as well as patients.

Founders’ story

John Quackenbush
John Quackenbush

GenoSpace was founded by John Quackenbush and Mick Correll in 2012 after they realized existing platforms for analyzing genomic information could be greatly improved. John is board chair and Mick is chief executive officer.

John received his PhD in theoretical physics from UCLA in 1990. Following a physics postdoc, he was awarded a 1992 NIH Special Emphasis Research Career Award to work on the Human Genome Project. After two years at the Salk Institute and two years at Stanford University, he moved to The Institute for Genomic Research, pioneering gene expression analysis. He joined the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard School of Public Health in 2005 and works on reconstruction of gene networks that drive the development of disease. He received a 2013 White House Open Science Champion of Change award for his work on facilitating genomic data access.

Mick Correll

Mick’s more than 15-year career has tracked the path of genomics from basic research to clinical care. Over this time he has held leadership positions in academia and industry, and has developed informatics solutions for pharma/biotech R&D, ag-bio, and academic, government and community healthcare providers. Prior to launching GenoSpace, he and partner John Quackenbush established the Center for Cancer Computational Biology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Mick began his career at Lion Bioscience Research Inc. and UK-based informatics provider InforSense. Mick earned a BS in Computer Science and BA in Molecular Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Market opportunity (in your particular space–numbers, competitors, etc. are helpful)

The market for interpreting and analyzing molecular and other biomedical data is a multi-billion dollar component of the broader molecular diagnostics and applicable life science research markets—each of which represent tens of billions of dollars per year.  GenoSpace’s target customers are innovators in lab medicine, hospitals and health systems, and research and clinical development organizations. While there are several competitors for individual offerings provided by GenoSpace, the company is unmatched in its cloud-based architecture, comprehensive suite of offerings and experience delivering those offerings to real customers.

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Health IT Startup: Medalogix

Founded in 2012 by former home health agency owner Dan Hogan, Medalogix has been recognized by Harvard University, HIMSS and Fierce Healthcare IT as an innovative solution that’s improving America’s Healthcare system. Medalogix currently offers two solutions, Touch and Bridge.

Medalogix offers patient outcome management (POM) solutions that use a combination of predictive analytics, workflows and business intelligence engines to improve quality and reduce costs.

Elevator pitch

We’re a healthcare tech company that provides analytics and workflows to home health providers so they can improve care and reduce costs.

Medalogix currently offers two predictive analytic workflow solutions to home health providers:

Founder’s story

Daniel Hogan
Dan Hogan

Prior to founding Medalogix, Dan Hogan owned and operated a home health agency. As the industry moved toward digital patient records, he realized there was an opportunity to analyze those streamlined data sets to detect health risks the human eye might miss. He researched to find a tool that could do this, and came up empty handed. He decided to take matters into his own hands and incorporated Medalogix in February 2009.

Marketing/promotion strategy

Currently, Medalogix integrates with leading home health and hospice EMR. We market to their users through webinars, industry conferences and referrals through existing satisfied Medalogix users.

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Health IT Startup: The Medical Memory

The Medical Memory’s mission is provide simple and convenient methods for video recording medical conversations and sharing them with patients and their families.

Elevator Pitch

The Medical Memory provides a simple and convenient method of recording medical conversations and distributing them to patients and their families.

Founder’s story

Dr. Randall Porter founded The Medical Memory to help his own patients better understand their condition and treatments. Dr. Porter recognized that his neurology patients did not comprehend the information imparted to them during appointments. Furthermore, Dr. Porter was frustrated with his inability to receive information regarding his own father’s cancer treatment in another state. Since its inception, the company’s vision has been to use video recording technologies to enhance patient understanding of their medical conditions and treatments and to share that information with family members and loved ones.

To achieve this The Medical Memory partners with doctor’s offices to make it simple for patients to request video recordings of their visits. A portable video camera is used to record discussions, imaging and demonstrations. Post visit, an email is sent to the patient with log in information to a page containing the videos. The patient simply logs in from any location with internet access to start reviewing what the doctor said. If desired, the patient can share the page with family and loved ones.

The Medical Memory is a simple and convenient method to keep patients and their loved ones informed of important medical discussions in many cases eliminating unnecessary follow-up appointments.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for The Medical Memory is a comprehensive local and national marketing and public relations campaign focusing on Dr. Porter’s personal experience with patients’ recall, the need for The Medical Memory and the benefit. The media focus is on editors, bloggers, and publications covering health, technology and startups.

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Health IT Startup: RightPatient

RightPatientRightPatient is a division of M2SYS Technology, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and  biometric technology solution provider. M2SYS has more than a decade of biometric technology experience, with more than 300 million enrolled users in more than 100 countries.

Elevator pitch

RightPatient is the industry’s most advanced biometric patient identification, patient engagement, personalized healthcare and healthcare intelligence platform to reduce costs and liability, improve quality of care, monitor population health and enhance the patient experience. With features for wearable and biosensor integration, health games, medication alerts, proactive health management and predictive analytics, the platform also integrates with major electronic health record (EHR) systems such as Epic, Siemens, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, IBM and many others. RightPatient is already deployed across hospitals and health systems that collectively maintain the health data of over 10 million patients.

Product/service description

RightPatient is the industry’s most advanced patient identification, patient engagement, personalized healthcare, and healthcare intelligence platform to reduce costs and liability, improve the quality of care, monitor population health, and enhance the patient experience. Our healthcare ecosystem unifies clinical knowledge through data aggregation, deep learning, and predictive analytics to personalize medicine, improve outcomes, and reduce re-admissions.

Founders’ story

Mizan Rahman
Mizan Rahman

Our founder and CEO Mizan Rahman immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1990s seeking to turn some of his ideas, education, and experience into tangible products that solved problems for different verticals. He has successfully shepherded two companies from startup to a multi-million dollar companies that were eventually bought out.

Mizan now oversees the strategic and operational interests of the company worldwide combining his software engineering experience and entrepreneurial leadership with comprehensive international market intelligence to solve customer problems through identity solution ingenuity. He has successfully shepherded the growth of M2SYS as a global force in identity management, pioneering the development and launch of M2SYS’ Bio-Plugin biometric middleware and Hybrid Biometric Platform – both of which were recognized by Frost and Sullivan with prestigious awards for their design innovation.

Mizan continues to be recognized for his innovation and leadership in the field of biometric identification technology, most recently as recipient of “Technology Innovator of the Year” by InfoWorld. He is a frequent speaker in many US and international conferences, symposiums and universities such as the International Biometric Conference and MIT.

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Health IT Startup: Bioscape Digital

Bioscape DigitalBioscape Digital integrates text, audio and 3D visual imagery into an intuitive touch screen solution, allowing providers to overcome language and education barriers: critical for the better outcomes required in a patient-centric healthcare delivery model.

Elevator pitch

Bioscape offers an interactive healthcare platform via tablet, delivering engaging healthcare to close the gap between patient and provider, while helping increase patient engagement and satisfaction.

Product/Service Description

Bioscape Digital engages consumers with targeted healthcare content and transactions, at the ideal time and location: in the hospital. Bioscape does this by installing a customizable tablet-based platform into health systems.

Bioscape’s tablet-based platform, which is installed into every room and introduced to every patient by the nurse, creates a truly unique opportunity to engage a captive audience. As a result, hospitals experience improved patient engagement, enhanced patient satisfaction and generate incremental revenue and cost savings.

Bioscape’s platform integrates text, audio and visual imagery into an intuitive touch screen solution, allowing doctors to overcome language and education barriers: Critical for improved outcomes, which result in higher reimbursement rates.

Unlike traditional “shout” solutions (i.e. televisions), Bioscape’s touch screen allows for the smart delivery of targeted functionality, generating an entirely new set of valuable transactions and data. Key functionality includes real time feedback, lead generation, insurance calculators, educational content, medication adherence program and targeted marketing.

Bioscape’s solution enhances the quality of care, improves patient compliance, increases patient satisfaction and drives additional revenue opportunities through specific feature based functionality: All critical if the healthcare provider of the future expects to remain competitive and be successful for the long term.

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Health IT Startup: eVisit

Bret Larsen

eVisit is the telemedicine software platform for physician’s offices. Its cloud-based SaaS application allows physicians, PAs and NPs to evaluate and treat their existing patient population remotely, via webcam interaction. Unlike competitors, eVisit is the only platform for providers, designed to allow telemedicine reimbursement from third party payers. eVisit can increase patient flow up to 300 percent; and can decrease “no shows” by 80 percent, allowing a practice to recover up to $120,000 a year.

Elevator pitch

eVisit is telehealth software that enables providers to increase patient flow and revenue, while providing convenience to their patients with online treatment.

Leadership team

Bret Larsen, Co-Founder, CEO. Glen McCracken, MD, Co-founder, president.

Marketing/promotion strategy

We are actively marketing through strategic channel partnerships and product integrations.

Market opportunity

The Primary Care Market generates $135B/year in revenue with a CAGR of 2.6 percent. It employs 745,642 (246,090 physicians) over 130,526 medical practices; 90 percent of primary care physicians operate in SMB medical practices, our target segment (IBISWorld). This segment represents a $9.99B/year addressable market (221,481 buyers x $1,200) + ($121.5B  x 8 percent billing fee).

How your company differentiates itself from the competition 

Competitors offerings include B2B models with value propositions of lowering costs, B2C models offering convenience or enterprise hardware and software (none offer physicians ability to bill a patient’s insurance, the doctor-patient relationship is non-existent and patients are being asked to pay more).

Business model

Healthcare practice sign up on a subscription that is charged on a per user, per month fee of $99.

Current needs

We are currently raising our seed round of investment ($1M) and actively looking to hire talented developers.

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Health IT Startup: Twine Health

It’s called healthcare for a reason. Technology is a powerful tool, but people are the solution. The Twine Health Collaborative Care Platform allows for the co-creation and tracking of personalized care plans that serve as common ground for continuous collaboration between patients, coaches and their clinicians. Patients get support from their care team, on their terms whenever, wherever they are: so they reach their health goals faster and focus on living.

Healthcare has lost its way. In recent years the “care” has fallen by the wayside — victim of flawed automation efforts, perverse payment models and the constant pressure to reduce costs. Technology is a powerful tool. However, if not used properly it’s impersonal and the human connections, which are critically important to caregiving, get lost. People are the solution to better healthcare.

People are the most underutilized resource in health. Twine Health changes the game by empowering them to take an active role in their care, learning along the way, and overtime building self-efficacy. Twine Health surfaces patients who need help at just the right time, allowing them to remain effective even as panel sizes grow. Coaches provide the ongoing support and expertise that is key to successful behavioral change. This also allows clinicians the time and focus to practice at the top of their license, interacting directly with patients when challenging medical conditions arise.

Elevator Pitch

The Twine Collaborative Care Platform is a new class of digital health technology that helps patients build self-efficacy via continuous support from coaches and their clinicians. Spun out of research performed at the MIT Media Lab, and proven cost effective via clinical trials and commercial pilots, Twine delivers results that cannot be ignored – 90 percent of patients reach their health goals (e.g., blood pressure < 140/90) within 3 months at 1/3 the cost of the standard of care.

Founder’s Story

John O Moore MD, PhD
John O Moore MD, PhD

John Moore, MD, PhD, is the co-founder and CEO of Twine Health. Moore’s passion for a better healthcare system started during his medical training where he was frustrated to learn that the best diagnostic and treatment capabilities did not result in healthier and engaged people. To be successful, Moore realized patients had to be in control of their own care, but also recognized the clear need for expert support. Moore came up with the idea for Twine Health during six years at the MIT Media Lab where he studied the healthcare delivery model and created a revolutionary approach to care: technology-supported apprenticeship. Bringing together advances in health psychology, learning science and human-computer interaction, Twine is designed to become the primary tool for teamwork between patients and clinicians. Before attending medical school, Moore received a BS in Biomedical engineering, and was a Fulbright Scholar.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Patients, coaches and clinicians are looking for a better way to provide and receive care – a way to make health care healthier. Twine Health provides clinicians, and the health organizations (HCOs) they work for, an effective and scalable chronic care platform that improves outcomes, reduces costs and increases patient and clinician satisfaction. The results speak for themselves:

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