Health IT Startup: RightPatient

RightPatientRightPatient is a division of M2SYS Technology, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and  biometric technology solution provider. M2SYS has more than a decade of biometric technology experience, with more than 300 million enrolled users in more than 100 countries.

Elevator pitch

RightPatient is the industry’s most advanced biometric patient identification, patient engagement, personalized healthcare and healthcare intelligence platform to reduce costs and liability, improve quality of care, monitor population health and enhance the patient experience. With features for wearable and biosensor integration, health games, medication alerts, proactive health management and predictive analytics, the platform also integrates with major electronic health record (EHR) systems such as Epic, Siemens, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, IBM and many others. RightPatient is already deployed across hospitals and health systems that collectively maintain the health data of over 10 million patients.

Product/service description

RightPatient is the industry’s most advanced patient identification, patient engagement, personalized healthcare, and healthcare intelligence platform to reduce costs and liability, improve the quality of care, monitor population health, and enhance the patient experience. Our healthcare ecosystem unifies clinical knowledge through data aggregation, deep learning, and predictive analytics to personalize medicine, improve outcomes, and reduce re-admissions.

Founders’ story

Mizan Rahman
Mizan Rahman

Our founder and CEO Mizan Rahman immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1990s seeking to turn some of his ideas, education, and experience into tangible products that solved problems for different verticals. He has successfully shepherded two companies from startup to a multi-million dollar companies that were eventually bought out.

Mizan now oversees the strategic and operational interests of the company worldwide combining his software engineering experience and entrepreneurial leadership with comprehensive international market intelligence to solve customer problems through identity solution ingenuity. He has successfully shepherded the growth of M2SYS as a global force in identity management, pioneering the development and launch of M2SYS’ Bio-Plugin biometric middleware and Hybrid Biometric Platform – both of which were recognized by Frost and Sullivan with prestigious awards for their design innovation.

Mizan continues to be recognized for his innovation and leadership in the field of biometric identification technology, most recently as recipient of “Technology Innovator of the Year” by InfoWorld. He is a frequent speaker in many US and international conferences, symposiums and universities such as the International Biometric Conference and MIT.

Prior to founding M2SYS, in 1999 he founded Net Research, Inc/BayBuilder, an innovative and disruptive strategic sourcing automation technology. The BayBuilder product was adopted and fully integrated into the sourcing processes of many Fortune 500 companies including Honeywell, TRW, NiSource, UNISYS, Owens Corning, Arch Coal, Bayer, Lexmark, Lennox, PPG Industries, Agere, Conectiv, Unocal, Fleetguard, Dofasco and many others. In 2001, BayBuilder was acquired by a leading publicly traded B2B software company for $15 million where Mr. Rahman subsequently served as the VP of Engineering.

Mizan earned an MS in Computational Science & Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology with concentration on Artificial Intelligence and large scale Machine Learning. Rahman received a B.S. in Computer Science (cum laude) from Florida Atlantic University. He is a member of the prestigious honor society Phi Kappa Phi, the Computer Science Honor Society Epsilon Phi Upsilon, the Golden Key Honor Society and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Marketing/promotion strategy

We are in the process of finalizing our marketing strategy but do plan to use our existing hospital deployments of our biometric identification platform as a foundation for the launch and then a combination of both digital marketing, advertising, and SEO to drive traffic to our website.

Market opportunity

Through our existing biometric patient identification platform, we have access to EHR databases containing records of more than 10 million patients. This new healthcare app is a healthcare ecosystem that aggregates data and uses deep learning and predictive analytics to personalize medicine, reduce re-admissions, improve outcomes, and drive comparative effectiveness research. There are several companies racing to offer similar types of apps, but no one is offering machine learning and predictive analytics as a way to foster more wisdom from data

How your company differentiates itself from the competition

The biggest differentiator we have is that we already have access to more than 10 million (and growing) patients in electronic health record databases throughout the world enabling us to build out our predictive analytics database faster than any other company offer a similar service. Plus, our partnership with IBM Watson to use their supercomputer as part of the machine learning component aspect of the platform.

Business model

The platform will use a combination of advertisements, sponsorships and a small download fee for revenue generation.

Current needs

We are currently recruiting for new employees as we expand our development, sales and marketing teams. We are also currently pitching VC companies to seek additional funding however this information is confidential.


Atlanta, Georgia

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