Health IT Startup: Healthchat

Healthchat is a communications platform that allows patients, physicians and medical staff to communicate and collaborate in a more efficient manner through the use of short videos sent through their mobile phones. This simple and secure application is available to physicians for a low monthly fee and free for patients and medical staff.

Elevator pitch

Healthchat is a HIPAA-compliant video-sharing app to connect healthcare providers and their patients – with speed and convenience.

Founders’ story

Chris Chowquan
Chris Chowquan

Founder and CEO, Chris Chowquan, is an IT veteran, who has spent much of his career managing technology for healthcare payers. After many years of interfacing with physicians and patients he saw the need for a simpler, more efficient communications solution. Healthchat was founded in 2015.

Origin story

As a father and full-time employee who has to take time for doctor visits, he figured there must be a better way.

Marketing/promotion strategy

Healthchat’s sales team will be marketing to physicians directly. In addition, Healthchat will launch an integrated marketing campaign aimed at reaching all three groups who can benefit from this product: physicians, medical staff and patients.

Market opportunity

Despite mandates to improve the patient experience, accessing healthcare services remains highly inefficient. Healthchat addresses the problem – and stands alone as the only HIPAA-compliant, mobile-friendly communications platform for patients and their providers to connect about their healthcare.

Business model

Healthchat charges a low monthly fee to the physicians who adopt the technology but offers the app for free to support medical staff and patients, thereby expanding utilization at the consumer level.

Current needs

Healthchat is hiring in both sales and development departments.

Number of full-time employees

Currently there are 4 full-time employees, and Healthchat also works with contractors as needed.


The company is headquartered in Coral Springs, FL but will soon be moving to Tampa, FL.

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