Using PPC To Attract New Patients

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Pay per click (PPC) is a paid advertising strategy that can help your hospital or clinic generate more leads. It helps you reach your target market by placing ads in search engines like Google and Bing.

Though organic digital marketing efforts can help establish a long-term brand identity, sales revenue may take months to begin. PPC is the quickest way to generate leads and accommodate patients online. Here are some ideas for using PPC to attract new patients.

Show Your Ads on Google

Google lets you to bid for keywords and show your brand in the top search result. If you are just starting your website and want timmediate patient inquiries through PPC, you will need to bid higher for keywords to beat those who have established high website ranks.

While you’re doing your PPC came, continue with your search engine optimization (SEO). As you gain a higher website rank, you will spend less on your medical PPC ads, according to Digital Authority Partners.

To improve your sites, create well-researched content, and providing exceptional customer support.

Meanwhlie, to generate quality leads, refine your Google ad campaign’s demographic profile. For example, if you house patients near a hospital, target local women of childbearing age.

Choose keywords with a high click-through rates but are not too expensive. Go for those that will bring traffic to your hospital or clinic. If you have more money, bid on expensive keywords.

Maximize YouTube’s Ad Campaign Potential

Google owns YouTube. If you have video materials for clinic promotion, you can also use YouTube’s PPC to drive more inquiries and boost your lead generation campaign. YouTube can provide a separate ad promotion for your website or brand aside from your Google PPC.

YouTube leverages your video material. Still, you must join the bidding process and specify your target audience to attract suitable patients or clients for your advertisement.

You should also build and optimize your YouTube account, you might buy subscribers to optimize your channel perfectly. It’s important to mention that the community tab is available to channels with at least 500 subscribers on YouTube. So you can get fans if you’re struggling to build manually.Be consistent with your messages across the platform to establish your credibility online.

In essence, if your YouTube ad contains a website link, the landing page must have related medical content that helps the user know more about what the ad contains. If a user cannot find more information about the ad’s content, he or she will simply leave the page. You wouldn’t want to waste leads because PPC campaigns cost more.

Leverage Call-to-Action Buttons

A great way to entice users to interact with your medical site is to display call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your ads. You can add a “Schedule an Appointment Now” button on your ad. Have the button lead to your websites appointment page.

If you want readers to subscribe to health articles, add a “Subscribe Now” button to your ad copy. You can also add a “Call Now” button that will either lead to your contact-us page or directly. The key is to add these CTA buttons to catchy ad designs that will pique users’ curiosity.

Leverage CTA buttons to drive traffic to your website from your ads.

Utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms offer business accounts. With this, you can advertise your brand through PPC. You simply must upgrade your primary account and provide your target demographic profiles. This way, you can narrow your clinic ad campaign and attract relevant leads.

Facebook lets you run PPC ad campaigns on your posts and gives you insights into your ad performance. You can see your campaign’s progress, helping you identify your clients’ personas. You can control ad spending when launching your PPC ads on Facebook.

Instagram joins the PPC wave with Facebook. You can integrate three accounts for your ad campaigns. Launch a brand awareness campaign for your hospital or clinic via Instagram and generate substantial leads depending on the demographic data you have input into the ad creator.

Pinterest also offers creative PPC ad campaigns that let you showcase the best of your services. If you are a dentist, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon, this platform can prove how your professional skill has helped patients boost their confidence.

Make sure you use high-definition photos for your social media PPC ad campaigns to level up with your competitors.

Implement Retargeting to Follow up on Prospects

If you are still getting low inquiries, work on retarget your ads and follow up on site visitors. You can ask your website builder to help you track your site users through built-in cookies. Then let your PPC ads appear to these people.

Cookies increase your chances of generating actual bookings for treatments and services. They track the websites your prospects are surfing. As such, you get an idea about your your target clients’ online behaviour. Use this knowledge to plan who to target and where to place your ads.

However, make sure you are transparent with your data privacy policies before accepting any patient data.

You can also send e-newsletters to prospects. If the prospect has subscribed to your YouTube channel or website, you can send them emails to update them on your latest services. You can send discount vouchers to patients, so they will be encouraged to undergo the treatment.

Retargeting allows you to follow up on leads coming from your PPC ad campaigns. Every lead has a cost in PPC. It is best to catch up with every person interested in undergoing treatment at your clinic. If you have limited time to go through every list, hire a digital marketing specialist to do the task for you.

Final Words

PPC is an efficient way to attract new patients to your website, and eventually to your hospital or clinic. Through careful planning and implementation of your ad campaigns, you can generate more leads and grow your practice.

You need to continue working on your other digital marketing strategies to complement your PPC ad campaigns. Though PPC has a short-term effect on your hospital or clinic revenue, it gives you instant results for your online advertising efforts.

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