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Using PPC To Attract New Patients

Pay Per Click (PPC) Google AdWords - Farland Lee Studios

Pay per click (PPC) is a paid advertising strategy that can help your hospital or clinic generate more leads. It helps you reach your target market by placing ads in search engines like Google and Bing.

Though organic digital marketing efforts can help establish a long-term brand identity, sales revenue may take months to begin. PPC is the quickest way to generate leads and accommodate patients online. Here are some ideas for using PPC to attract new patients.

Show Your Ads on Google

Google lets you to bid for keywords and show your brand in the top search result. If you are just starting your website and want timmediate patient inquiries through PPC, you will need to bid higher for keywords to beat those who have established high website ranks.

While you’re doing your PPC came, continue with your search engine optimization (SEO). As you gain a higher website rank, you will spend less on your medical PPC ads, according to Digital Authority Partners.

To improve your sites, create well-researched content, and providing exceptional customer support.

Meanwhlie, to generate quality leads, refine your Google ad campaign’s demographic profile. For example, if you house patients near a hospital, target local women of childbearing age.

Choose keywords with a high click-through rates but are not too expensive. Go for those that will bring traffic to your hospital or clinic. If you have more money, bid on expensive keywords.

Maximize YouTube’s Ad Campaign Potential

Google owns YouTube. If you have video materials for clinic promotion, you can also use YouTube’s PPC to drive more inquiries and boost your lead generation campaign. YouTube can provide a separate ad promotion for your website or brand aside from your Google PPC.

YouTube leverages your video material. Still, you must join the bidding process and specify your target audience to attract suitable patients or clients for your advertisement.

You should also build and optimize your YouTube account, you might buy subscribers to optimize your channel perfectly. It’s important to mention that the community tab is available to channels with at least 500 subscribers on YouTube. So you can get fans if you’re struggling to build manually.Be consistent with your messages across the platform to establish your credibility online.

In essence, if your YouTube ad contains a website link, the landing page must have related medical content that helps the user know more about what the ad contains. If a user cannot find more information about the ad’s content, he or she will simply leave the page. You wouldn’t want to waste leads because PPC campaigns cost more.

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4 Ways To Boost Video Marketing Strategy

There’s a stiff competition among businesses who strive to be the best in the digital world. There are many factors that decide the fate of an online business but one of the most important ones is how it implements marketing strategies, especially video marketing strategies.

Video marketing is growing rapidly. Videos are everywhere thanks to YouTube and Facebook that allow users to upload videos without worrying about space and bandwidth, which used to be a problem in the past.

Different businesses opt for different marketing plans, some bring results and some don’t. Speaking of marketing plans, video marketing is said to be the most powerful tool in the marketing world today.

According to reports, views received on effective video content spiked to 258 percent on Facebook and 99 percent on YouTube in 2017. This means that people prefer to watch videos rather than read blogs.

Therefore, boosting video marketing strategies is of vital importance here so that you can grasp a vast audience.

Here are four ways to boost video marketing strategy:

  1. Using Facebook Live Option

With more than 1 billion active users on Facebook, businesses love to use this platform as it helps find potential customers. A few years ago, Facebook only allowed to share videos, but today it has granted us with the Facebook live option which has been doing wonders for businesses when it comes to video marketing.

According to Social Media Today, people love to spend three times more time watching a live video than watching a prerecorded one.

Businesses can go live when they are:

It is all about taking your audience on a journey and making them a part of your business world.

  1. Optimize Videos For Mobile Devices

Since the usage of smartphones is on the rise, businesses shouldn’t forget the need to make their videos mobile optimized. This is because more than 50 percent of video views come from mobile devices, 90 percent of videos on Twitter are watched on smart phones and more than 10 million videos are shared on Snapchat everyday.

Considering these high and ever growing numbers, there is a dire need to optimize videos properly so that they can play on mobile phones.

You can do this by ensuring that your videos are responsive. Using video splash screens can help play videos on different dimensions and sizes.

  1. Keep Your Videos Relevant To One Type Of Audience

It’s a loss of resources and time if you don’t know how to make videos that target a relevant audience. There are millions of successful online businesses on the internet today and it can be daunting to compete against so many businesses. Making videos that target a relevant audience is an effective step at boosting your video marketing strategy. To increase your views, you can get subscribers hiring a good growth service. At the outset, You can choose to have 10,000 subscribers if you’re hiring a company with good reputation.

Users don’t watch every video that shows up on their screen which is why you need to make videos centered around what your business is about and what your customers are demanding. When you do, the results will fall more in your favor.

Other than this, you should know how to spread videos. Merely making one and uploading on YouTube is not enough. You should post these on your social media handles and even add on emails. You can learn how to send YouTube videos in email to make it happen.

  1. First Impression Is The Last Impression

It only takes 10 seconds for a viewer to close a video and turn to another. If your video has a slow start in the beginning then you’ll lose a lot of viewers. The trick is to introduce your product/service quickly and make a point in the very beginning. It sure is difficult but not impossible.

What you need is to come up with content that can hook the attention of viewers in the very beginning.

The Verdict

When you spend money on marketing your videos, you need to make sure that it is done right. These four tips can help you boost your video marketing efforts.