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 Ways Technology Helps People With Addiction Disorders

While FitBit Watches and smartphone apps have certainly made an impact on personal health and wellbeing, healthcare technology is also revolutionizing the entire medical industry.  This is especially true in the field of recovery from addiction disorders. 

Technology today is enabling medical professionals and rehabilitation facilities to effectively provide healthcare to individuals who desperately need assistance with substance abuse.  Furthermore, technology helps people with addiction disorders by placing powerful data in the hands of healthcare providers and individuals struggling with addiction. 

 As of 2021, there are over 20 million Americans suffering from some type of addiction disorder.  Regrettably, this number is on the rise. Political upheavals, economic instability and pandemic-related tribulations are affecting millions of Americans, and this contributes to the number of deaths from drug overdose to skyrocket in to an all-time high in 2022. 

Thankfully, medical technology is bridging the gap for people in need by efficiently and effectively rendering aid to people seeking recovery.

How Technology Plays A Role In Addiction Recovery

While the aforementioned statistics are staggering, there is hope, and technology is at the forefront of millions receiving treatment they deserve. Here are a few examples of how technology is helping people with addiction disorders.

1) Telehealth Services

While the pandemic has left adverse effects on the American population, it has also forced the medical industry to make improvements. Telehealth is a network of health-centric services and information that is utilized and accessed over the internet.  People with addiction disorders or in recovery can make appointments online to see their doctors, refill prescriptions or even receive rehabilitative care through telehealth services. This reduces a lot of stress for many people struggling with addictions.  In the past, the only option for in-patient rehabilitation was to physically attend a recovery facility.  Telehealth allows patients in rehab to safely move through the recovery process in the comfort of their own homes. 

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