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What Discourages People From Booking A Doctor’s Appointment

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Besides the obvious reason that they aren’t sick, more factors hinder people from consulting a doctor, and some of them are concerning. On top of that, booking an appointment can be an excruciating process. It’s not uncommon for medical staff to put patients on the phone on hold for too long, only to tell them later that all slots are taken and that they should pick another schedule.

Thankfully, the problem of making appointments has been addressed, and the solution is quite a game changer. Medical facilities started using efficient patient portals, which is basically a website that allows patients to access their medical records online, including lab results from tests. The website can also be used to schedule appointments, pay bills, and exchange messages. Some portals are even equipped with more convenient features such as digital prescription renewals. There’s also the alternative of using a WordPress booking system or doctor appointment software if you have a small clinic.

But can patient portals encourage hesitant individuals to finally go to the doctor? By going over the discouraging factors listed below, we’ll find out whether digital technology can truly bridge the gap between patients and doctors.

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