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MedCrypt Joins BlackBerry QNX Partner Ecosystem For Secure Healthcare Software


MedCrypt Inc., a provider of security solutions for healthcare, has joined the BlackBerry QNX Partner ecosystem, a worldwide network of technology companies who specialize in development tools, middleware, and embedded software products (e.g., database, HMI, and more) that are compatible with and complementary to BlackBerry QNX’s broad technology portfolio.

The QNX OS for Medical is a safety-certified version of the trusted QNX Neutrino operating system used in critical embedded systems globally.

“The healthcare industry has seen nearly twice as many breaches between February and May this year in comparison to last year’s count, indicating a growing need for medical tech to be secured at the source, before it goes to market,” said Mike Kijewski, CEO at MedCrypt. “We’re happy to join the BlackBerry QNX Partner ecosystem as it will further help us bring new and necessary medical technology to market quicker with top notch security built right in.”

“We are excited to expand our BlackBerry QNX Partner network with the addition of MedCrypt,” said Kaivan Karimi, senior vice president and co-head, BlackBerry Technology Solutions. “As the explosion of connected devices drives new applications and solutions in healthcare and around the world, it also increases the risk of cyberthreats and breaches, requiring data and infrastructure to be secured at every layer. Together with our partners, we are providing access to BlackBerry’s trusted software and cryptography solutions and technological know-how to accelerate the design, development, integration, and testing of mission-critical systems in healthcare and other industries.”

MedCrypt’s medical device cybersecurity software tools and APIs make it more efficient, easier, and less expensive for medical device manufacturers (MDMs) to build safe and secure medical devices. Building upon QNX OS for Medical and providing integration services and design will enable MedCrypt’s customers to develop safety-critical solutions for the medical device industry.

MedCrypt’s cybersecurity platform can be implemented in full or with a modular approach to proactively secure both legacy and new medical devices and maintain their security posture. MedCrypt solutions include:

The MedCrypt data security library cross-compiles for and runs on the QNX OS for Medical as a turnkey solution. BlackBerry QNX solutions are used extensively for life-critical medical devices including blood diagnostics, ultrasound imaging, infusion delivery, heart monitoring, resuscitation and surgical robotics.

To learn about the BlackBerry QNX Channel Partner Program, visit https://blackberry.qnx.com/en/partners/qnx-partner-directory.