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7 Tips To Save On Prescription Costs

There’s no getting around it: prescription drugs are expensive. In fact, if you have a lousy insurance policy, you could end up paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket just to get your hands on the medications that you need.

Are you in this position? Wondering how to soften the blow? There are a few different ways to save on prescription costs, all of which we’ll discuss in this article.

  1. Opt for Generics

In general, there are two types of prescription drugs: Name-brand drugs and generic drugs. When it comes to cost, it’s not even close: generic drugs are substantially cheaper than name-brand drugs. In fact, in most cases, generic versions are around 80% to 85% cheaper than name-brand versions.

Of course, this means that generic drugs are of lower quality than name-brand drugs, right? Not at all, actually.

In fact, in the vast majority of cases, name-brand drugs and their generic equivalents share exact ingredients. As such, there’s really no reason to ever opt for name-brands.

So, when your doctor is writing you up a prescription, be sure to ask if there’s a generic version available. If there is, your doctor will be glad to write it up for you.

  1. Make Use of Assistance Programs

Another way to save money on prescriptions is to make use of assistance programs. There are quite a few assistance programs available in the United States, some of which can help you save as much as hundreds of dollars a month.

First, look to your state and local governments. Most states provide specialized assistance programs, as well as a program called Medicare Extra Help. The latter is beneficial to those on Medicare.

Next, you should look for non-profit assistance programs. Some popular ones include Partnership for Prescription Assistance and Needy Meds. You might be able to find others by searching for “non-profit prescription assistance” in Google or another search engine.

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