Prescription Drugs Are Ground Zero for AI Innovation In Patient-Centric Healthcare

By Leslie Swanson, president and CEO, eXalt Solutions

We are quickly moving to a patient-centric world in healthcare where treatment is coming to the patient, the patient is treated more like a customer, and medical facilities of all types must use technology from the business sector. Business sector software designed to improve the customer experience can now be used to improve the patient experience. No technology is driving this shift faster than artificial intelligence (AI). AI is propelling us into an increasingly digital medical experience where patients expect personalized experiences that take into account their individual needs and values, and empower them to get information fast and accurately.

Prescription drugs are ground zero for AI innovation

Although AI has been touted for everything from diagnosis to automating medical imaging to drug discovery, we believe that ground zero for AI innovation in patient-centric healthcare is prescription medicine. Prescribers and patients are suffering in countless ways from the complexity and associated errors in prescriptions.

A single drug has hundreds of factors that must be considered by a doctor or a pharmacist when prescribing or dispensing a drug to a patient. We examined 50 of the most popular drugs and found that the average number of considerations for a single drug is enormous:

Currently, doctors must painstakingly examine each and every one of these considerations manually, and they usually must consider several drugs for a given condition which compounds the effort required to make even the most simple prescription.

Prevalence of prescription errors and economic impact

This complexity has resulted in dangerous error rates which have accelerated from .5 percent in 1990 to 1.5-9.9 percent in 2005:

The human mind is not suited to sift through each and every adverse reaction, contraindication, drug interaction, and demographic consideration manually. Unfortunately, these medication errors are a significant burden that adversely affects patients, providers, and the economy:

AI agents in prescription medicine

The issues in prescription medicine are 100 percent analogous to those in customer interaction management in other industries where companies need to engage with customers through self-service channels to be able to influence demand upfront and close the sale. AI-based knowledge bots provide customers a personalized self-service adviser giving them the same guidance and assistance they would get from a team of the world’s best experts.

These knowledge bots literally read the contents of several drug databases and automatically create a set of AI-Based Agents from this combined knowledge base:

AI agents critical to creating a patient-centric world

These AI prescription agents can be used across the entire health care ecosystem to create a patient-centric world with customer interaction management: 

It is time that health care adopt AI technology that is being used successfully in other industries without delay.

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