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Health IT Startup: YourDoctors.Online

Image result for https://yourdoctors.online logoYourDoctors.Online provides patients direct access to the North American doctors. The company’s general physicians are available online to answer any general inquiry and experienced specialists for second opinions.

Elevator pitch:

We are like WebMD but with a personal touch. Connect with a personal doctor 24/7 to get personalized answers to your medical questions with an “opinion that matters.”

Founder story:

Nauman Jaffar
Nauman Jaffar

CEO Nauman Jaffar’s mother, aunt and boss were diagnosed with chronic diseases. Some survived due to on-time proper diagnosis while others were not that lucky. This motivated him to leave my corporate life and create a solution that connects global patients to world-class doctors. Our mission is to develop a social enterprise focused on preventing misdiagnosis and ensuring that excellent healthcare is a “click” away. We aspire to save one life at a time with medical “opinion that matters”.

Marketing/promotion strategy:

YourDoctors.Online is directly reaching out to consumers all across the world to connect patients with internet access to North American doctors get access to the best medical advice. We communicate through a variety of digital channels to not only stay top of mind but to gain awareness that getting the right medical advice is a few clicks away. 

Market opportunity:

Our target audience and marketing focus is towards women from the ages between 20-35 and who for an online doctor service for their family.

Who are your competitors?

Because of the service YourDoctors.Online provides, we have no direct competitors. Companies, such as Best Doctors, 2nd.MD, do offer a similar service; however, instead of directly targeting companies and their employees, we directly going out to consumers. As a result, our patients are from 125 different countries.

How your company differentiates itself from the competition and what differentiates YourDoctors.Online?

With direct access to our customer, our competitive advantages is our brand value and our valued pricing for a medical second opinion. Since our market is international patient with various different affordability ranges, we provide our patients with access to doctors at affordable rates.

Business Model:

We have three different tiers of services such as 1) specialist who provide a medical second opinion for a premium price; 2) for our monthly members who get access to our auxiliary medical practitioners (i.e. psychologist, nutritionist, etc.); and 3) free access to our general physicians.

When founded: 2015

Number of full-time employees: 7

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada