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Dr. David Nash, Katherine Capps To Headline hc1’s 2021 Precision Health Virtual Summit

hc1, the leader in critical insight, analytics, and solutions for precision health, announces that Katherine Capps and David Nash, MD, MBA, will deliver the mainstage keynote addresses at its second annual Precision Health Virtual Summit. Hosted by hc1 in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare, the two-day event is scheduled for Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 2021, and will feature some of the healthcare industry’s leading thought leaders and innovators helping to advance the promise of precision health to all aspects of care delivery.

Capps, president of Health2 Resources and co-founder and executive director of GTMRx Institute, has a long history of collaboration in multi-stakeholder environments and has led the growth of GTMRx—an organization focused on cross-collaboration to advance appropriate use of medications and gene therapies—to over 1,200 members from 800 companies in less than two years. A gifted communicator, she cultivates and manages relationships with stakeholders across the health care and health policy spectrums. Her keynote address will focus on “The Future of Precision Health.”

Dr. Nash is the founding Dean Emeritus of Jefferson College of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University and currently serves as the Dr. Raymond C. and Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy. Named to Modern Healthcare’s list of Most Powerful Persons in Healthcare multiple times, Dr. Nash is internationally recognized for his work in public accountability for outcomes, physician leadership development and quality of care improvement. His presentation, “Precision Health and Population Health: Friends or Foes,” will focus on how two of healthcare’s priority initiatives can work in tandem to achieve cost, access and clinical outcomes goals.

“We are excited to build on the success of last year’s inaugural Precision Health Virtual Summit by showcasing some of the top precision health thought leaders at this year’s event. In Dr. David Nash and Katherine Capps, our keynote speakers, we have two of the leading authorities sharing thought provoking, actionable strategies,” said Brad Bostic, Chairman and CEO of hc1, who will take part in the opening fireside chat with Purdue University President and former Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels. “Along with hc1, innovators from across the healthcare industry will be gathering for this virtual event to share the secrets for delivering scalable precision health to all patients.”

Joining Bostic, Capps and Dr. Nash on the summit agenda are some of the nation’s top thought leaders in Precision Health:

?        Kristine Ashcraft, Medical Director for Pharmacogenomics, Invitae

?        Scott Becker, Publisher and Founder, Becker’s Healthcare

?        Erica Carbajal, Writer and Reporter, Becker’s Hospital Review

?        Todd Crosslin, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Snowflake

?        Mitch Daniels, President, Purdue University

?        Peter J. Embí, MD, MS, FACP, FACMI, FAMIA, FIAHSI, President and CEO, Regenstrief Institute

?        Yuri Fesko, MD, Executive Medical Director of Medical Affairs, Quest Diagnostics

?        Molly Gamble, Vice President of Editorial, Becker’s Healthcare

?        Matthew Katz, Principal, MCK Health Strategies, LLC

?        Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD, Chief Quality and Safety Officer, AdventHealth

?        Mike Lukas, Vice President and General Manager, Health Systems, Quest Diagnostics

?        Robert Michel, Editor-in-Chief, DARK Daily and The Dark Report

?        Anthony P. Morreale, Pharm.D. MBA, BCPS, FASHP, Associate Chief Consultant for Clinical Pharmacy Services and Policy, US Department of Veterans Affairs

?        Jordan Olson, MD, Division Chief, Clinical Pathology Informatics and Quality, Geisinger

?        Brian Patty, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Medix Technology

?        Albert Villarin, MD, FACEP, Vice President and CMIO, Nuvance Health

?        Stephanie Lahr, MD, CHCIO, CIO and CMIO, Monument Health

?        Gilan El Saadawi, MD, PhD, MS, Founder, CMO, Realyze Intelligence

?        Behnaz Sarrami, MS, PharmD, Medical Science Liaison, AltheaDx

?        Kandace Schuft, PharmD, Senior Clinical Content Specialist – Pharmacogenomics, Wolters Kluwer

?        Umberto Tachinardi, MD, MS, FACMI, IAHSI, CIO, Regenstrief Institute

?        Rehan Waheed, MD, Senior Medical Director, CMIO, Quest Diagnostics

?        Richard M. Peters Jr., MD, Assistant Professor of Population Health, The University of Texas

Programming for the Precision Health Virtual Summit will run from 12 – 4 p.m. EST on both August 31 and September 1. Sponsored by AWSSnowflake and leader sponsor Quest Diagnostics, the event is free of charge. Attendees can register for the Precision Health Virtual Summit at hc1.com/summit.

Leveraging Lab Insights To Improve Short- and Long-Term Response To COVID-19

By Brad Bostic, CEO, hc1.

Brad Bostic

When I founded hc1 a decade ago, I believed that every patient should be treated as a unique individual. We built the hc1 Platform because we saw that if every individual’s laboratory data–which drives 70% of the diagnostic and therapeutic decisions–could be organized intelligently, we could unlock an unprecedented level of clinical decision support to personalize and improve care for all patients.

We knew that the platform would effectively lay the foundation for targeted pharmacogenomics and precision prescribing techniques. What we did not know at the time was that the decision to place our stake in the promise of lab insights would ultimately help drive an improved public health response to an unprecedented crisis: the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Coalition Is Born

From the earliest days of the pandemic, demand for greater transparency into COVID-19 data was high while the fluid nature of public health reporting impacted the ability to make well-informed decisions. As a result, local public health and healthcare officials were simultaneously overwhelmed with data and underwhelmed with the timely information and critical insights to help ensure optimal decisions around mitigation strategies.

The reality is that the state and national data relied upon by many public health officials offers limited proactive insight into the ebb and flow of the virus at the state and local levels. This remains as true today as it was in the earliest stages of the pandemic.

Consider the following:

In both instances, the local response in counties with higher infection rates should be quite different from those with significantly lower rates. Yet without insights offering public health officials a glimpse into the future, the default response was often cookie cutter actions guided by state-level decisions.

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Healthcare’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020: hc1

See the source imageIn 2011, hc1 was born from the belief that every patient is unique and should be treated that way. When the high-value care movement began, healthcare organizations focused on increasing value through cutting costs, but hc1 knew that sustainable high-value care could only come through improving patient outcomes.

hc1 set about to determine how it could help achieve this goal: Tap into the heartbeat of healthcare—laboratory data. If labs could organize every individual’s information intelligently, they could unlock an unprecedented level of clinical decision support to personalize and improve care for all patients.

Today the hc1 High-Value Care Platform eliminates waste and personalizes care for health systems and diagnostic laboratories nationwide by turning previously static lab data into actionable healthcare insights. Its flagship products, hc1 CRM and hc1 Test Utilization, helped forge a broad set of laboratory and health system partnerships.

Building upon this foundation, in 2018 it introduced a new era of high-value care—precision prescribing—when we invented hc1 Opioid Advisor and hc1 PGx Advisor, which leverage the hc1 platform to optimize medications using targeted pharmacogenetics and medication usage analysis. hc1 PGx Advisor empowers physicians to make personalized prescribing decisions supported by clinical pharmacists with access to holistic patient information, including genetics.

Using the hc1 platform, health systems can improve clinical outcomes and reduce medical spend in these ways:

hc1 is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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