Healthcare’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020: Revation Systems

See the source imageRevation Systems serves multiple segments across the healthcare ecosystem including payers, providers, population health organizations, government, and community social service organizations. It also has established relationships with some of the industry’s largest companies, offering a unique combination of secure, HIPAA-compliant communications with virtual call center and secure multi-point video capabilities that support a wide variety of use cases.

LinkLive is for healthcare organizations who need to securely communicate with patient members, doctors, and business partners and want it to work in the way that we all live and work across digital and physical channels. For many of its clients, LinkLive Healthcare is critical as they work to increase the quality of care while also reducing the cost of care.

LinkLive also is HITRUST certified.

Revation Systems has offices in Minneapolis and San Francisco.

What is the single-most innovative technology you are currently delivering to health systems or medical groups? How is your product or service innovating the work being done in these
organization to provide care or make systems run smoother?

Built expressly for the healthcare patient transfer process, an essential segment of hospital operations, LinkLive Healthcare, provided by Revation Systems, is a unified communications software platform that is hosted in the cloud and offers a broad range of capabilities including rich digital messaging, including voice and video communications.

LinkLive Healthcare empowers healthcare organizations to securely communicate with their patients across physical and digital channels. For the patient transfer process, the one-call, dynamic conferencing capability quickly enables multi-channel and sidebar conversations in real-time making it extremely efficient, secure and valuable for healthcare organizations during the coronavirus pandemic. And the chat feature is the first of its kind as it requires no downloads, no apps and no accounts/passwords for patients to manage.

What is the primary need fulfilled by the product or service?

LinkLive Healthcare allows healthcare facilities to quickly and efficiently manage the communications process for transferring patients from one facility to another. LinkLive Healthcare is a solution that can keep hospitals from being overwhelmed during the pandemic. It also allows healthcare facilities that can handle additional patients, the ability to potentially gain high value cases and improve patient care.

Some health systems are unable to leverage the growing need for highly advanced care as they are hamstrung by outdated technology and inefficient transfer protocols, but LinkLive Healthcare solves those challenges and enables them to focus on increasing quality of care.

What is the ROI of said product or service? Provide real examples of verifiable ROI of the product or service when used in or by a health system or medial group.

Complex hospital cases can produce an average contribution margin of $8,000 per patient. With LinkLive Healthcare organizations can increase revenue significantly based on their ability to take in more patients. Those with outdated technology and inefficient transfer protocols are risking millions of dollars each year in lost opportunity. Banner Health has seen a $14 million benefit by bringing in more patients using LinkLive Healthcare for patient transfer communications.

Provide specific examples of implementation and outcomes use cases.

In addition the Banner Health example above, LinkLive Healthcare, is the backbone of the new the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Surge Line. Designed to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, the centralized state-wide surge line is a way for doctors, hospitals and health officials to quickly and securely communicate with each other to ensure that COVID-19 positive patients receive the best care possible and that the state’s healthcare resources are leveraged to their fullest extent. With recent reports of a record-high number of new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the State of Arizona, Revation has seen an increase patient transfer activity.

Who are some of the clients and organizations served by the company. Name them.

How has the innovation advanced the field of healthcare or the practice of care?

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, it is necessary for people to stay home as much as possible to help fight the spread of the virus. Clearly healthcare organizations are playing a vital role in the fight against this virus, but certain sectors of the healthcare system, such as contact centers, are now requiring staff to work from home. And where recent trends in contact center communications have shifted toward the adoption of omni-channel technology that’s hosted in the cloud, today healthcare contact centers face an urgent need to implement virtual contact center technology as quickly as possible to support remote agents.

LinkLive Healthcare has advanced the field of healthcare by enabling swift and efficient patient transfer during the pandemic. Also, Revation’s security-first approach is critical as healthcare organizations use LinkLive Healthcare to communicate with patients via voice, text and video. Telehealth appointments supported by LinkLive Healthcare are efficient, easy, secure and HIPAA compliant.

How is the innovation changing lives — specifically?

While it’s clear that Revation has helped large healthcare providers to drive critical improvement to key call center KPIs such as a 200% in abandonment rates and 80% patient transfer calls being answered in 15 seconds or less, it’s also clear that it’s having an impact on what really matters. LinkLive Healthcare for patient transfer communications is a tool that has literally helped save lives.

What is the company’s go-forward strategy? What’s next, which problem is the organization working on now, and in the future? What are the most significant lesson learned by delivering the innovation, product or service to health systems or medical group?

At Revation Systems, we believe in the power of human relationships and that innovation in communication will connect people to help live healthier lives. For many of our clients, LinkLive Healthcare is critical as they work to increase the quality of care while also reducing the cost of care. We are committed to delivering results for our clients by making the complex simple all while meeting high security standards. To do this, we are focused on a number of experience enhancements and innovation in LinkLive and with partners in Healthcare.

Please provide actual testimony from a user regarding the product and how it has solved a problem, created efficiency or improved processes at the point of care.

Banner Health: “In just one year, we’ve seen a $14 million benefit just by bringing in more patients and being better at it,” said Charley Larsen, RN senior director, transfer services. “Revation has shown the flexibility and enthusiasm we need to take our transfer center to the next level.”

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