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New Technologies For Pain Management

Because of the increasing number of patients who turn to opioids for pain treatment, many researchers and clinicians have been searching for other alternatives. If you often find yourself taking pain medication, you’ve come to the right place. We rounded up new technologies developed for pain relief.

#1.Radiofrequency Ablation Device

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This device was developed many years back. It is expected to get some attention because more people are reporting suffering from chronic pain.


Halyard Health, Diros Technology, St. Jude Medical, and Boston Scientific


Geriatric pain, chronic pain


Heat produced from an alternating current with a medium frequency of 350 to 500 kHz is used by RF or radiofrequency. This is done to cut off the nerve supply from the tissues that are in the peripheral nervous system.

Doctors perform the procedure, called radiofrequency catheter ablation, with the use of a catheter. There is a low risk of complications because the surgery is minimally invasive. According to a Transparency Market Research report, there is an expected increase in demand for this technology as the geriatric population continues increasing across the world.

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