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Health IT Startup: Fit4D

Fit4DWith a mission to improve the lives of people living with diabetes and chronic conditions worldwide, Fit4D delivers scalable and effective programs through an optimized mix of technology human-based interactions.

Founder’s story:

David G. Weingard
David G. Weingard

At just 36 years old, David Weingard was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. With no family history of diabetes, he was confused and overwhelmed about the diagnosis. He had two sessions with his doctor on how to use insulin and that was it. Having received limited support and education on his diagnosis, Weingard was left to manage his diabetes on his own and needed help.

He then found Cecilia, a certified diabetes educator (CDE), who compassionately gave him the correct steps to follow to help him become productive again, personally and professionally. Cecilia sparked an idea for Weingard – to scale the personalized coaching he received, to millions of people living with diabetes, but using a technology platform. With the daily vigilance and management of his diabetes, he left his corporate job and founded Fit4D.

Market opportunity

Fit4D has established business partnerships with clients that include major health plans and providers such as Humana, HealthFirst and several Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, along with major pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The company delivers scalable and cost-effective diabetes management programs through an optimized mix of human-based touch points and technology to deliver measurable outcomes in an affordable manner.

Fit4D is driving improvements in diabetes outcomes across the socio-economic spectrum, achieving a relatively high enrollment rate, lowering blood sugar levels, and delivering significant cost-savings and ROI for clients.

Results include:

Who are your competitors?

Fit4D is unique in that we scale and deliver personalized one-on-one support through the optimization of human touch and technology. There are other companies in the market that are combining patient healthcare services with a heavy focus on technology, such as Livongo and Omada; however, they don’t offer a personalized patient approach to diabetes. Fit4D emphasis on combining human touch with a dedicated CDE throughout the length of the program, allowing the patient to build a strong fruitful coaching relationship. As a result, our service is highly valued for the likes of payers, providers, pharma and medical device companies.

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