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How Virtual Health Represents The Next Evolution of Healthcare

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By Brian Slusser, CEO and co-founder, Health In Motion Network.

In 2020, much in our daily lives can be accomplished virtually. From clothes shopping to ordering groceries, there is a growing desire to accomplish important tasks remotely, allowing individuals to save time and effort on fewer in-person trips.

But with so much technology available, why does healthcare feel like it’s lagged behind?

Traditional telemedicine — typically involving phone calls and occasionally video chats with providers — has helped allow individuals to contact their doctors remotely, which can be a tool for both providers and their patients. The utility of telemedicine, however, has its limits, and it’s crucial for both healthcare professionals and average consumers to understand those limitations and move toward a better method.

That better method is represented by virtual health, a new way of thinking about remote doctor visits that combines the benefits of traditional, in-person doctor visits with the convenience and accessibility of telemedicine by establishing a virtual health hub that can accomplish nearly everything that a traditional visit can. This model involves providers on both sides of the visit, known as a “tele-presenter” model.

As a new decade begins, healthcare needs should be addressed through the innovative technology that drives much of our life. And with the correct shift in emphasis, virtual health can help improve healthcare for people who need it.

Here are three ways virtual health and telemedicine differ, and why the disruptive new platform is worth embracing:

Accurate, Detailed Visits

For the sake of a patient’s wellbeing, receiving an accurate diagnosis from a healthcare professional is critical. But with many telemedicine strategies, a detailed and accurate assessment can be difficult.

With a simple phone call or video chat, a doctor needs to rely on the patient to self-diagnose and can only ask them questions about their symptoms and how they’re feeling. While this can sometimes be effective, a doctor can’t give their best assessment without being in the room with a patient.

Fortunately, virtual health can bridge that gap by allowing a second professional to help the physician assess and diagnose the patient. In the case of the Health In Motion Network’s virtual health hub at Indian Lake High School — a partnership with Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine, Ohio — a school nurse is on hand with the patient to help relay information to doctors, providing information that typically needs to come from an in-person meeting.

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Health IT Startup: Optimized Care Network

Brian Slusser, CEO, Optimized Care Network
Brian Slusser, CEO, Optimized Care Network

The Optimized Care Network (OCN) is a provider of digital healthcare that merges high tech with high touch. OCN’s technology enables medical providers to digitally connect with patients in a life-like manner that is changing the delivery of medicine via non-traditional sites of care. Their highly equipped digital exam room, which includes a specially trained, registered nurse, is the 21st century model for digital healthcare with a personal touch.

Elevator Pitch

OCN’s digitally personalized technology makes it easier than ever for patients to connect with the most qualified medical expert anywhere in the world.

Founder’s story

Brian Slusser is the CEO of Optimized Care Network. He brings decades of healthcare industry experience and successful entrepreneurship into this new venture.

Imagine every world-class specialist available in one office. That’s what Slusser did when he began formulating the concept of OCN. He realized he could assemble a digital healthcare platform that focused on delivering convenient and affordable patient care without geographic boundaries. No longer does a patient have to drive for hours or wait weeks for an appointment with a specialist. They simply make an appointment online and go to their local CareSpace.

Marketing/promotion strategy

OCN actively engages in healthcare discussions with other thought-leaders and innovators in the industry. For instance, OCN recently participated in TEDMED’s the Hive in Washington, D.C. and Slusser served on a featured panel at athenahealth’s More Disruption Please Conference. Opportunities like this give OCN the chance to share our CareSpace services with other forward-thinking entrepreneurs and companies who are also focused on improving the state of health care. We employ brand journalism and social media tactics to help expand our reach to providers and patients. Participation in community events that bring together providers and potential patients is also part of the strategy. Open houses will be held to allow patients to see the CareSpace for themselves before a medical need arises. This will provide a level of familiarity and comfort when they do need to see an OCN provider.

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