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Seeking Nominations For Most Innovative Health IT Companies

We’re seeking nominations for the most innovative health IT companies of 2020!

These organizations must serve healthcare (obviously) in some way, and are on the cutting edge of healthcare technology innovation. You’re doing something mind-blowing, or life-saving, and your passion for serving the healthcare community oozes throughout your organization! Your mission, vision and values are apparent and evident to all who come in contact with your organization without your having to recite what each of these are.

If you feel you’re one of healthcare’s most innovative, we’d love to hear from you. The application is simple (and free)! Simply provide responses to the following questions. Be as detailed as possible. Remember, too, that whatever you submit in response to these questions will be published on this site.

We look forward to reading your responses and learning about the innovation you’re leading and driving in this awesome, wonderful and complicated world of healthcare!

What is the single-most innovative technology you are currently delivering to health systems or medical groups?

How is your product or service innovating the work being done in these organization to provide care or make systems run smoother?

What is the primary need fulfilled by the product or service?

What is the ROI of said product or service? Provide real examples of verifiable ROI of the product or service when used in or by a health system or medial group.

Provide specific examples of implementation and outcomes use cases.

Who are some of the clients and organizations served by the company? Name them.

How has the innovation advanced the field of healthcare or the practice of care?

How is the innovation changing lives — specifically?

What is the company’s go-forward strategy? What’s next, which problem is the organization working on now, and planning to solve in the future?

What are the most significant lesson learned by delivering the innovation, product or service to health systems or medical groups?

What holds your organization accountable to its mission, vision and operating values? 

List your organization’s mission, vision and operating values.

List your website and contact information.

Feel free to provide actual testimony from a user regarding the product and how it has solved a problem, created efficiency or improved processes at the point of care.

Again, please provide as much detail as possible.

When complete, please submit the answers to these questions through our Contact page.

Deadline is June 30, 2020.

Thank you!