Quarantine Is A Great Time To Quit Drinking

Many people drink alcohol for varied reasons and on different occasions. For some people, alcohol is part of their dinner. Others drink because they enjoy how alcohol makes their brains a little fuzzier. For some people, alcoholic beverages relax constant worries in their minds while making things funnier.

However, alcohol consumption may start as a simple way to have fun and relax but end up being a serious problem. Today, many people are battling alcoholism after starting with a glass of wine at dinner or occasional drinking. And, the addictive nature of alcohol makes quitting a major challenge for most people.

But, it gets to a point where a person decides to quitting drinking without AA information at AddictionResource. This can be due to varied reasons including health problems and the desire to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is no easy moment to get sober. However, a global pandemic presents a moment when a person can get sober. Here are some of the reasons why people should try to get sober during quarantine.

Immune System

Research indicates that alcohol affects the immune system negatively. It particularly makes the body more susceptible to respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and acute respiratory stress syndrome. COVID-19 is a dangerous respiratory disease.

Therefore, drinking alcohol can compromise the immune system when a person needs it the most. Getting sober during quarantine is, therefore, important to ensure that a person has a strong and effective immune system at the time of coronavirus pandemic.


Most people in love relationships are better when sober. Drinking loosens up the tongues of most people. As such, some people say bad things when drunk and blame it on alcohol when sober. Unfortunately, this makes life hard for partners, especially at this time when they have to stay at home.

Quitting alcohol can, therefore, improve the relationships of some couples. Life is already hard during quarantine when some partners have to be together 24/7. As such, picking unnecessary fights due to alcohol influence can only make life miserable for such couples. On the other hand, quitting can improve the life of partners because they can engage each other meaningfully.


Most parents are spending time with children during the quarantine. No parent wants to spend time with kids while drunk. Doing so sets a bad example for kids. Since children are not going to school, some parents are teaching them at home. Drinking leads to a hangover that can make homeschooling difficult.

These are some of the things that should prompt any parent that has been trying to stop drinking to do so during the quarantine. Children deserve a father or mother that is fully present. Alcohol consumption can make a parent overly tired or give them a headache that hinders their concentration when spending time with kids. So, if quitting drinking at this time enables a person to enjoy parenthood and set a good example for kids.


Avoiding alcohol makes sticking to a specific routine possible. This routine can include waking up at a certain time to exercise every weekday. It can also include attending live-streaming classes at certain times of the day.

Sweating and feeling the heart rate up is good for health. It boosts the level of feel-good hormones in the body. Exercising with virtual instructors can bring a sense of community and normalcy to life at the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Maintaining a routine can be difficult if a person continues drinking. And, this can make life more difficult when people are required to stay at home.


Quitting drinking during quarantine provides the energy that some people need to continue working at this time of the coronavirus pandemic. It also provides much-needed awareness to avoid catching the virus. This is particularly important for individuals that have to work from home.

Working from home requires a person to stick to a schedule. That’s because people that work from home have to deal with many interruptions, especially those with families or kids. What’s more, some people have to work and spend time with kids. And, they still have to squeeze in time for exercise.

If a person with such a schedule continues drinking, they may not do what is expected of them. As such, the tight schedule they have to stick to during quarantine should prompt them to get sober.


Cravings and temptations are some of the things that make it hard for most people to quit. This is particularly the case when a person has stocked up on alcohol or can access it with ease. But, this is not the case for most people during the quarantine.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, most people could stop at a local liquor store and purchase alcohol on their way home. But, the current crisis requires most people to stay at home. That means they might not have a chance to restock on alcohol. And, this is a perfect excuse to get sober.

Once a person has gotten rid of the available alcohol, they may not have a way to restock, regardless of the temptation. Most businesses have already shut down. And, grocery trips are sparse without stops at the liquor stores. As such, people that are quarantined at home can easily overcome their cravings and lead sober lives.


This is the time to make rational and clear-headed decisions to ensure the safety of every family member. The decisions that people make should be reached when sober. Nobody wants to make alcohol-infused decisions during quarantine and regret later. Quitting now is the best way to avoid bad decisions or doing stupid things under the influence of alcohol and living with regrets later on.

Final Thoughts

There is no good moment to get sober. However, people that have always wanted to know how to stop drinking can use running out of stock as an excuse. That’s because most liquor stores are closing down and some people don’t have to make extra stops when going to the grocery stores. What’s more, quitting during quarantine is good for the immune system because this is the time when it’s needed the most.

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alcohol undermines the health of many people. This applies to both physical and psychological state.

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