5 Useful Apps That Help Fight Addictions

Many people are struggling with alcoholism and addiction to different drugs across the world. Unfortunately, some of the people that need treatment for substance use disorders don’t get it. And, even after undergoing treatment, some individuals have difficulties maintaining sobriety. Fortunately, there are technological innovations that are making things a little easier for people that need help to fight addiction.

Today, some mobile apps or tools can help individuals quit drinking or fight drug addiction. These apps are ideal for individuals that are trying to cut down their alcohol intake or stop drinking completely. Some of these apps enable users to personalize their recovery process and stay sober. The emergence of these tools has changed how people see and handle addiction treatment, as well as aftercare. Some of them even provide constant links to support, expertise, and encouragement.

These apps come as an addition to AddictionResource drug and alcohol hotlines. Hotlines have been available for quite some time. These are toll-free phone numbers that people call whenever they need information, advice, support, or help with addiction. They are answered by friendly and knowledgeable representatives with experience in handling addiction and treatment. They answer questions relating to addiction and recovery. They also provide useful information on the available treatment options.

According to facts and statistics from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes every year. About 20.8 million individuals met the criteria for diagnosing substance use disorder in 2015. And 1 out of 12 Americans needed treatment for substance abuse. Alcohol is also one of the major causes of preventable deaths in the U.S.

Drug information hotlines are just part of the technology that can be used to fight addictions in the contemporary world. App developers have combined technology with evidence-based research to come up with apps that enable people to fight addiction with ease. These are more appealing to individuals in the current digital age. Here are some of the most useful apps for individuals trying to fight addiction.

Sober Grid

This app is designed to connect individuals in recovery and those who want to quit drinking or using drugs with people whose focus is on sobriety. You can also use this app as your source of support or to give other users support. Regardless of your motive, this app provides a chance to stay sober while assisting others within the network.

This app can also help users locate sober friends when traveling, whether in a new city or at the airport. It provides a network that connects the local people and individuals from different parts of the world. Its newsfeed enables users to share their experiences, thoughts, triumphs and struggles with sobriety and recovery. The first step of the recovery journey is accessing the peer support and tracking process. This is also another use of this app.

Sobriety Counter

Calling a drug abuse hotline and undergoing treatment for alcoholism or addiction doesn’t guarantee that the urge to drink or use the addictive substance won’t strike again. There are times when recovering addicts feel the urge to drink and this is when a relapse can occur. Sober Counter is an app for fighting addiction in a fun way. It has bold icons and vibrant colors that bring fun into the recovery journey.

The app has a bright dashboard that reflects the amount of money the user saves for abstaining from alcohol. It also lets you set up a goal like treating yourself after reaching a specific milestone. It also shows the duration it will take you to hit the target.

It also features statistics that show different aspects of health improvement. These include statistics on cell regeneration, blood circulation, mental health, and gray matter as well as, decrease in the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Whenever the urge to use the addictive substance or drink strikes, play the Memory game on this app. This lets you pass the three-minute mark that has been proven effective in beating the desire to drink and remain sober.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

This is an app for tracking alcohol consumption. It can also be used as a diary for drinks. The app is a calculator for determining the alcohol content in the user’s blood. It enables the user to take charge of their alcohol intake and change their drinking habits.

Perhaps, this is the app to install on your phone before you call rehab if you think you have a drinking problem. It estimates alcohol content in the blood based on the logged drinks. It also indicates when the content level goes below the recommended limit and when the user gets to sobriety. It charts the drinking habits of the user monthly, weekly, or daily.


Nomo is an app that breaks down the amount of time when the user is sober into minutes. That means it shows you the time when you are sober in terms of minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months. It also reminds you to celebrate after every recovery milestone as a way to motivate you to keep going.

You can also use this app to track the money you save when you don’t drink. The app lets you share new chips for celebrating your achievement and success on social media. You can also share the sobriety clock with an accountability partner to help them keep you on track.


Soberlink was founded in 2010. It supports accountability for sobriety through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Thanks to the professional-grade breathalyzer (with wireless connectivity and facial recognition), Soberlink helps people to get rid of their alcohol addiction.

The device tracks and documents sobriety with the highest level of reliability and accuracy, focused on providing trust and peace of mind. Family and friends are able to track improvements every step of the way. Although remote alcohol monitoring had already been established in the criminal justice field, Soberlink was the first company to focus on remote monitoring for addiction treatment.

I Am Sober

This app is a motivational companion that helps you keep track of your sobriety. Turn to this app just the way you would call a substance abuse hotline number for motivation. You can also use it to track the seconds, minutes, and hours you stay sober. It provides daily notifications to help you focus on recovery. It also alerts you for special notifications when you reach an important milestone. You can include a memorable photo for every milestone and share or save your achievements.

You can also use this app to customize your experience by configuring your habit, start date, and notification times. There is also a motivation dashboard that provides inspirational quotes to cheer and encourage you to keep moving.

Research indicates that digital technology use in addiction disorders has widened intervention. More people are using mobile apps to track personal sobriety, monitor triggers, connect with peers, and keep virtual journals. There are also more websites and apps popping up offering online addiction counseling by connecting users with professional counselors and licensed therapists. These activities are all important when it comes to fighting addiction and they can be enhanced with these apps.

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