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Quarantine Is A Great Time To Quit Drinking

Many people drink alcohol for varied reasons and on different occasions. For some people, alcohol is part of their dinner. Others drink because they enjoy how alcohol makes their brains a little fuzzier. For some people, alcoholic beverages relax constant worries in their minds while making things funnier.

However, alcohol consumption may start as a simple way to have fun and relax but end up being a serious problem. Today, many people are battling alcoholism after starting with a glass of wine at dinner or occasional drinking. And, the addictive nature of alcohol makes quitting a major challenge for most people.

But, it gets to a point where a person decides to quitting drinking without AA information at AddictionResource. This can be due to varied reasons including health problems and the desire to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is no easy moment to get sober. However, a global pandemic presents a moment when a person can get sober. Here are some of the reasons why people should try to get sober during quarantine.

Immune System

Research indicates that alcohol affects the immune system negatively. It particularly makes the body more susceptible to respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and acute respiratory stress syndrome. COVID-19 is a dangerous respiratory disease.

Therefore, drinking alcohol can compromise the immune system when a person needs it the most. Getting sober during quarantine is, therefore, important to ensure that a person has a strong and effective immune system at the time of coronavirus pandemic.


Most people in love relationships are better when sober. Drinking loosens up the tongues of most people. As such, some people say bad things when drunk and blame it on alcohol when sober. Unfortunately, this makes life hard for partners, especially at this time when they have to stay at home.

Quitting alcohol can, therefore, improve the relationships of some couples. Life is already hard during quarantine when some partners have to be together 24/7. As such, picking unnecessary fights due to alcohol influence can only make life miserable for such couples. On the other hand, quitting can improve the life of partners because they can engage each other meaningfully.

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