Health IT Startup: QueueDr

Patrick Randolph
Patrick Randolph, founder, QueueDr

QueueDr is a web app that practices can use in any browser to build and utilize a waitlist to fill appointments. First, they upload their existing waitlist and then after that they can add individual patients who call-in. Once an appointment opens, with a press of a button, texts are sent out to patients in the waiting list and the first one that texts back gets the appointment. Physicians see a pop-up on their screen and an email notifying them which patient is showing up.

The average appointment is filled in less than one minute because patients compete to fill the appointment. Once a patient fills an appointment, they are removed from the waitlist. They can also unsubscribe (and re-subscribe) at any time if they want. If a patient doesn’t show up, practices can press QueueDr’s “no-show” button in the “appointments” section then the next appointment is free to schedule.

QueueDr works on every browser. All patient data is encrypted when transferred and when stored. Only one person in the company has access to the data, and QueueDr does not sell or utilize the data.

Elevator pitch

We bring smiles to doctors’ offices with simple products that save time and make money. Our first product helps doctors fill missed appointments in than one minute which saves them two hours every time they use it, while shortening patient wait.

Product/service description

QueueDr helps doctors fill missed appointments in less than one minute. We bring simplicity and hopefully smiles into the office with our web app that takes 10 minutes to setup and saves the doctors’ staff 2 hours each time they use it.

Founders’ story

As the son, grandson, and great-grandson of doctors, I grew up in the office. Talking with my father and mother (who runs my father’s practice), I heard the financial and administration pain that patient cancellations can reap on doctors and patients. Doctors lose $60 billion in revenue every year to patient cancellations, while patients have to wait weeks to see an appointment. I did some more digging by calling over 700 physicians to evaluate their patient experience and see the software they use. After this exhaustive search, two things became clear. First, cancellations are a major problem that plague doctors and patients. Second, healthcare software needs simplicity and well designed products.

Marketing/promotion strategy

Create a great product that makes doctors and their staff smile.

Market opportunity

US doctors lose $60 billion every year to cancellations while their patient backlog causes patients to wait weeks to get care. Numerous EHRs and scheduling softwares have a waitlist capacity, however, none of them allow appointments to be filled with just a text message.

How your company differentiates itself from the competition

Simplicity and great user experience. QueueDr takes 10 minutes to setup and learn. We allow patients to fill appointments just by texting a word. Best of all, we only charge doctors when we fill an appointment. No fill, no pay.

Business model

Doctors put their credit card into QueueDr and we automatically charge them $9 if an appointment is filled. No setup costs or minimums.

Current needs

We’ve just raised some capital, but we are looking for talented engineers who are a bit weird. We are against competitors who have hundreds of millions more dollars and thousands of more employees, but we think we can overcome the competition with great employees who think outside the box.

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