5 Trends In Healthcare Apps Market

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Seeking professional help in the healthcare industry has become much easier than it was before. Thanks to technology that enabled us to lead a healthy life through healthcare mobile apps. 

In recent times, there has been a great increase in these healthcare apps as they save doctor’s and patient’s time and also help healthcare workers to make some extra money in their leisure time. 

A healthcare app should have the latest features based on the trend in the healthcare market. Before continuing reading we recommend viewing a post about how to create a health app on Riseapps blog. It will help you find out more about the medical app market, development process and costs.

In this article, we will talk about the five latest trends in the healthcare apps market that will make your app stand out among all the other healthcare apps. 

Patient-generated health data (PGHD)

Patient-Generated Health Data(PGHD) as the name suggests is the data stored in the app given by the patient only. It includes previous treatment, health records, any symptoms of the disease, current lifestyle, etc. 

PGHD helps doctors to understand well about the patient in very less time which in turn makes it easier to manage the patient. Looking at the role of PGHD in the healthcare market, it seems that the usage of PGHD will keep increasing for better treatment and benefit of the user.  

Data protection 

Data Protection is one of the things everyone should be taking care of. Most of the data in the healthcare industry about the user is very personal and can not be risked. Hence the developers hired should keep in mind the security and encryption of the data within the app. Also since digital payments have been incorporated in healthcare apps, data protection will be much needed than ever before. 

Geolocation implementation in apps

Geolocation is frequently used in different transportation, delivery apps. But now there seems to be a trend of implementation of geolocation features in healthcare apps too. Geolocation can help a user to find a suitable medical facility near him from within the app. In cases of emergency, GPS services can be used to identify the user’s location and he can be easily picked up from there and treated on time. 

Telehealth apps 

One of the biggest trends in the Healthcare Market is Telehealth Apps. Most people ignore their deteriorating health because of time constraints. But with Telehealth apps, caring about health is just a few clicks away from us. You can use Telehealth apps to get access to professional doctors’ advice directly on your phone without actually going to him. 

In recent times, people seem to be concerned about their health more than they were before. Hence telehealth apps are going to be in trend in the healthcare market. We recommend reading this post about how to develop a telehealth app

You will find information about benefits for patients and doctors, monetization strategy, main features, telemedicine app development steps, and costs.

Smart wearable devices

As people are realizing the need to track their health, the trend of smart wearable devices like fitness band, smartwatches have greatly increased as big companies have entered this market. 

These devices track physical movements, heart rates, and many other things with integrated sensors and give real-time health data on a smartphone when connected with an app. These wearable devices can save lives by giving prior information about health risks. 

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