Top 10 Mobile Apps Used In Healthcare

By Kenneth Evans, content marketing specialist, Top App Development Companies.

Kenneth Evans
Kenneth Evans

Mobile technology is amazing. With the available technologies, anyone can see a doctor using smartphones. The impact of app developers and mobile app developers is increasing in healthcare. They make this possible by developing and releasing telemedicine and telehealth apps.

These apps make the provision and accessing of health more convenient. They make healthcare more preventive, inexpensive and better. These mobile apps for healthcare are unique. They are creating a viable marketplace for healthcare services. These apps reduce time to access medical consultation and treatment.

These mobile apps are revolutionizing healthcare on a daily basis. They allow patients to seek health on virtual platforms. They assist doctors and patients in solving health issues. These apps help healthcare providers to gather and manage information. They serve reference materials for care providers. They assist in monitoring and managing of patients. These apps are available across the U.S. and overseas to travelling U.S. residents. It is a must for mobile apps offering diagnosis and treatment become HIPAA-compliant. Telehealth information is available in the National Conference of State Legislatures. It contains information for each State within the U.S.

There are thousands of these apps available. Top app development companies work on daily basis to meet demands. This is an area where virtual reality app development is increasing without bounds. Highlight of some of the telemedicine and telehealth apps is available on this post.


PingMD is a mobile app that provides a platform for doctors and patients to chat. It is available for Apple and Android smartphone users. This app enables doctors to discuss medical issues with their patients and colleagues. It eliminates the issue of leaking private messages to the public. The discussion between patients and doctors is transferrable to the patients’ medical record. Doctors can bill their patients for e-visitations and e-consultations. With this app, consulting a doctor becomes easy and fast.


HelloMD is an app where doctors set their consultation fees. This app helps to find specialists for appointment booking. It is not an app that provides access to immediate healthcare. This app will help find specialists like neurologists and radiologists. This app is for patients with very special health conditions. Appointments are set up within 24 hours once a specialist in located. Thereafter, consultation between the specialist and patient takes place through video call. The app aims to connect patients with the right doctor. It helps patients seek second opinion on health conditions. Face to face consultation can happen where necessary. Doctors fix their fee and patients pay through credit card. This is before fixing an appointment. This app is web-based and accessible via mobile devices.


Epocrates is an app available for download to users of Android and Apple mobile devices. This app is a powerful app that allows doctors to access the health evidence of patients. It allows doctors access specific guidelines from national specialty societies about patients. It is an app with loads of source information on medications and prescriptions. It is an app for finding doctors to consult. This app provides information on harmful interactions between drugs. It can help identify pills using imprint code and some physical properties. It helps in calculating BMI and GFR. This app provides a platform for accessing medical news and information on researches. This app has two versions, the free and the fee for subscription version. The free version is Epocrates RX and the other is Epocrates Essentials. The Epocrates Essentials costs about $159.99 at the time of writing.

LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online is an available to Android and Apple mobile device users. This app allows patients to consult doctors through video calls. These doctors write prescriptions for their patient at the end of consultation. Note that this is possible in only few states. Patients make payment using their insurance plan. Consultation fee is $49/consultation for patients with no insurance coverage. Patients pay the consultation fee if their policy does not cover online visits.


Medscape is an app accessible by Android and Apple mobile device users. It offers healthcare professionals the access to millions of medical information. It is a platform where medical profession can access educational tools. For clinicians in the U.S., it is the number one medial platform. It has more than 4 million users. It helps caregivers to look up medications and their dosages. It has a drug interaction check for preventing adverse combination of drugs. Its evidence-based disease and condition reference assists in finding important information on patients. There are medical calculators and image collection platforms on this app. This is a free app but requires that users to set up an account. It is available to users of Kindle Fire.

Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault is a free health mobile app. It is available to Apple and Window mobile device users. This app is a platform where individuals can keep their medical records. It is safe and up-to-date in storing medical record. It eases sharing of personal medical records to health professionals and family. People with chronic condition use this app to trail their health metrics. It is possible to input manual data. For automatic data input, patients connect the app to health trackers. Accessing this app through the web is possible.


Text4Baby is an app for pregnant and nursing mothers. It is on any mobile device that sends text
messages. It is a free app. No messaging charges for some service providers. In this app, pregnant woman and nursing mothers can ask all type of health questions. The platform offers healthcare advice, help and reminders to pregnant and new mothers. The National Health Mothers and Healthy Babies Coalitions control the app. It requires that users sign up. Users can sign up by testing BABY to 511411. Users will receive a message and are to reply with their due date and ZIP code. The information of users is private and they remain anonymous. This app reminds new mothers about their baby’s visit to the doctor.


DoctorOnDemand is a mobile app for users of Apple and Android mobile devices. This app allows
patients to consult a doctor on a virtual platform using video chatting. E-visitations and e-consultations are possible for this app. This app allows patients to book appointment with a doctor after payment of $40. The
appointment to chat with a doctor occurs with two days. Doctors can write prescription depending on the situation of patients. Booking appointments with pediatricians, consultants and psychologists is possible on this app.


Calculate is an app for use in Android, Apple and Blackberry mobile devices. This app helps perform
clinical calculations. It is a platform that provides medical decision support tools from experts. The number of medical calculator on this app is more than 150. It has access to full PDF files on support tools. It is possible to find information on latest medical research on this app. Users can share articles via Twitter, Facebook, and email.


HealthTap is available to Android and Apple mobile device users. This is a virtual appointment based
app. It provides an opportunity for patients to consult with a doctor. Here, patients can ask questions with a guarantee of answers from professionals. Each consultation costs $44. A 24/7 access to medical professionals costs $99/month. This app comes with an in-app message platform for text and video
consultations. It is available for citizens while overseas. Patients cannot make payments for consultation using their insurance policy.

These telemedicine and telehealth apps are real beauties. They make healthcare accessible anywhere and
anytime. There are many of these apps available. So users have the ability to search and choose the one suitable to meet their needs.

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