5 Steps Personal Trainers Can Take To Get More Clients

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Whether you’re aspiring to be a personal trainer or have already begun your career journey and are looking for ways to pick up some momentum, eventually, you’re going to wonder what steps you can take to get more clients. Luckily, with a bit of hard work and the right guidance, you’ll probably wind up with more work than you can possibly handle.

Finding new clients when you don’t have extensive experience or brand presence to position yourself as an authority can be quite difficult. If you’ve been unable to fill up your work schedule and are looking for ways to maximise your income and client solicitation success rates as a personal trainer, try starting with the following five steps:

1. Offer Free Consultations

Making yourself accessible and showing that you’re willing to prove your expertise are two crucial efforts that you’ll need to make in order to persuade prospective clients in your favour. The easiest way to get your foot in the door in the personal training game is to offer up a free fitness consultation.

During this initial meeting, you can assess the client’s current condition, provide a few tailored recommendations, and come up with a plan that you could help them execute for optimal results. If you’re not sure how to perform a fitness consultation, you may want to take a few personal trainer courses on the subject.

2. Post Videos on Social Media Routinely

Publishing instructional or conversational videos on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can help you make your personality and knowledge visible on a public platform. Don’t expect amazing results initially, as you’ll probably only get a few people viewing your videos in the beginning. However, if you’re consistent about posting regularly and making an effort to provide great advice, it’s a fairly reliable way to gain free exposure.

You could also try doing live Q&A sessions with people in your community through the live streaming features on Facebook or YouTube. If you really want to push the issue and do some aggressive marketing, you could invest wisely in a PPC ad spend budget with Facebook Advertising or YouTube to display your videos to a targeted audience based on all sorts of filters including demographics and location.

3. Make Yourself Available on Numerous Platforms

In an ideal world, you won’t even have to pitch your services to new clients because you’ll have a list of them wanting to work with you on backorder. While it may take a while to develop such a reputation and demand for your services, such a reality is much more likely to pan out if you’re openly listing yourself on business directory sites like LinkedIn and freelancing sites like Upwork.

On the same token, you should try to diversify your advertising efforts across the top platforms, especially Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s a simple number’s game really – the more advertising and directory platforms you’re listed on, the more prospective clients will see (and potentially hire) you.

4. Browse Through Online Classified Ads and Project Listings

Sometimes you can find personal training clients just by responding to classified ads that people post in search of a local trainer. While this is a less common and often hit-or-miss approach, it can and does work occasionally and is, therefore, a worthwhile step to include in a well-rounded client solicitation regimen.

Along the same lines, sometimes you can find people who are searching for remote training services via video chat by looking through freelancing job ads under the personal training or fitness categories.

5. Target Local Keywords Related to Specific Conditions

Finally, taking advantage of certain keyword combinations in your SEO campaign is another great way to get the attention of locals who may be in need of your personal training services. This is a relatively underutilized technique that can be applied to any niche:

Take the name of your city, town, state, or county and combine it with the name of your service. Then insert the word “for” and add the name of a condition or problem that your service treats or solves. For example, “London personal trainer for tennis elbow.” Now you have a keyword that you can base some of your content around in order to attract targeted, organic search traffic

There Are More Than Enough Personal Training Clients to Go Around

When you consider how many people have the short-term or long-term goal of getting in shape, and the fact that there’s currently a shortage of personal trainers worldwide, there’s really no reason for a skilled trainer to lack clients, especially if you take the five steps mentioned above.

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