4 Types of Administrative Careers In Healthcare

An industry that grows with each passing year is certainly one that you should look into for a career that offers lots of growth. An industry like that has a big demand for specialized skills and is often not able to meet the demand.

The industry in question is the healthcare industry. As the population in the US grows older, there is more of a demand put on the system which means that more people are required to make it work.

If you have already heard about the demand but dismissed it because you don’t want to be a nurse or doctor then there’s good news. You can work in healthcare without having to go to medical school or even deal with patients. There is just as much need, if not more, for people to administer healthcare.

Which means that you should be looking into the healthcare industry if you want to change careers or are just starting out. In this article, I will go over several jobs in healthcare administration for you to consider.

1 – Health Insurance Specialist

Health insurance is confusing and difficult for even the most astute to understand. That’s why a Health Insurance Specialist is so important. In this role, you will be the person that helps people deal with their insurance bills.

There needs to be somebody to coordinate insurance companies with the Social Security Administration, for example, as disability programs are connected with private insurance in many cases. Somebody would have a very difficult time doing this on their own.

Starting out, you’ll need to have strong customer service skills and some background in administrative work. As you grow, you will likely be needed to further your education which is paid for by most companies.

If you are looking for an entry level position that you can grow with, then this is an ideal career with lots of job satisfaction.

How much of a salary to expect depends on your experience and the job itself but expect somewhere around $65,000 per year.

2 – Social Welfare Administrator

A Social Welfare Administrator works with a specific population in assisting with their healthcare needs and rights. Usually it is a vulnerable community such as seniors, single mothers and children.

If you are up for a challenge then this is a good area of healthcare to get into. Many people have special needs due to illnesses, poverty or a lack of education and you can be the person that helps then get through a tough period. Adding to the challenge is that the programs that employ a Social Welfare Administrator is sometimes underfunded.

Rather than a career for somebody looking for potential in terms of competitive salary, this is ideal for people that are looking to give back and speak for a segment of the population that often doesn’t have a voice.

You’ll need to have good attention to detail and problem solving skills. To really be effective at your job you will be tasked with helping to apply for grants, manage outreach activities to make sure the vulnerable population can find you and to advocate for them with the local government.

3 – Social Media Director

Everybody needs to use social media effectively either to brand their business or to increase their client base. In healthcare it is just as important and can take on many different types of scenarios.

Working for a private clinic, for example, it will require you to do traditional marketing to try to attract more patients to the practice. Or, you could be working for a non profit in the healthcare industry that helps try to influence public policy on important healthcare matters.

All the concepts of social media marketing apply, but your goals may be a bit different. Sure, you will be handling social media profiles, but the work really entails crafting campaigns for events or awareness. And, analysing the data to understand if your efforts are bringing the desired results.

If you have a strong sense of advocacy then this role will be just the challenge you are looking for as you can be somebody that helps make a difference in people’s lives.

You’ll need to have a strong background in marketing or advertising but any degree that also includes anything to do with psychology or political science, for example, could be helpful as it incorporates some of the same principles.

There is a lot of room for growth from entry level positions up to higher positions that can command over six figures in salary.

4 – Nursing Home Administrator

One of the highest-paid positions in healthcare administration is that of nursing home administrator.
This job entails the supervision of a long-term care facility’s business operations — schedules,
financials, resource management, and other details of everyday operation.

Like some of the other positions listed here, a nursing home administrator doesn’t require being a
medical practitioner or even receiving medical training. A nursing home administrator can earn
$90,000 or more with only a bachelor’s degree, although pursuing an MHA degree can improve
both income and future job prospects — up to $115,000 a year or more.

This job, although stressful, also tends to be one of the most stable positions in the industry, as it
can be challenging to find qualified individuals to recruit at this level. This means your skills will be
in high demand. This, combined with the aging population and booming nursing home population,
makes it a very promising career path.

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