Healthcare Careers In Demand Because of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has successfully spread its wrath among nations. It has become so widespread that it could cause a global recession. It has made people realize the importance of the healthcare industry. While those in the healthcare industry are exhausted, they remain one of the most vital professions that will continue to be in-demand in the years to come — even after we’ve won against the pandemic.

Those with a medical background, whether it be from a prestigious university or online training like Lifesaver Education, can expect to have a job that pays well. If you look at job postings today, you will find many looking for registered nurses, laboratory technicians, epidemiologists, internists, and anesthesiologists.

Even the previously overlooked professionals in geriatric care are now getting the attention that they deserve because the deadly coronavirus has the most debilitating effect on the elderly. In this post, we’ll look at the in-demand healthcare careers because of COVID-19.


The prolonged stay-at-home orders are causing people to seek counselling. Extroverts prohibited from going out are now losing their minds. They crave the interaction and the engagement that they were used to. It is hard for them to adhere to physical distancing and to stay at home and to spend most of their time alone.

Another factor that would cause more people to seek counselling is fear. We are living during an uncertain time, and this makes people concerned about their future. They are scared of their job security. Some have even lost their jobs, and it is causing mental strain that requires counselling.


Despite wreaking havoc for almost half a year, COVID-19 is still a new coronavirus, and its effects on the nation need careful study. Epidemiologists can help map out the spread of the disease, consolidate data, and see the trajectory of the virus to help the government formulate its response. They are critical for governments that seek to know more about how the virus spreads.

Respiratory Therapists

The coronavirus targets the pulmonary system, and respiratory therapists are critical in maintaining the ventilation machines that aid the lungs in providing oxygen to the body. They make sure that the devices are running as they should. Due to COVID-19, the demand for their services is ballooning.


Most of the patients who contract the virus and present severe symptoms end up needing to be intubated and the professionals most experienced in intubating patients are anesthesiologists. Their knowledge and expertise about the different medications are crucial in ensuring the patient survives.

Registered Nurses

Nurses of all specialities are in-demand. But the most highly sought-after nurses are the intensive care unit (ICU) nurses. They are the ones who have direct contact with the patients and provide critical care.

Emergency Care Doctors

The ER doctors are the ones on the frontlines. They are the ones who first see the patient and provide initial treatment. As the COVID-19 virus continues to infect millions of people, most hospitals will need all the hands they can get to fight the unseen enemy.

One of the main reasons why healthcare workers are in high demand is that a significant percentage of them are also succumbing to the disease. Since they are on the front lines, they are most exposed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new light to how vital healthcare workers are. Even if the curve is flattened, these healthcare professionals will remain sought after, and they will remain a big part of rebuilding the healthcare industry post-pandemic. For now, let’s do our part – stay at home, wear masks, wash hands, and practice physical distancing.

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