Using Technology To Improve Clinical Staff Retention

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Practitioners and hospital administrators understand the need to retain staff and reduce turnover rates. According to a 2016 study published in Frontiers in Psychology, a reduction in staff density harms the quality of treatment and other services needed by psychiatric patients. This is also true in other practice areas where staff turnovers can have a direct impact on the continuity of care.

Using the right methods for retaining clinical staff can help enhance efficiency and improve patient experiences and outcomes in the long run. Not only that, clinics and hospitals will also need to lean on new technologies that can ease workloads, improve career prospects, and create a better and safer work environment for staff. If you are a healthcare provider looking to retain quality staff members in your practice or institution, then you should invest in the following tools:

Practice Management Software

Healthcare providers know better than to rely on traditional principles when it comes to managing patient and staff workflows. As the demand for quality healthcare keeps increasing, it has become essential for doctors and hospitals to adopt practice management software for delegating tasks, improving collaboration, and ensuring safe access to critical data.

Since staff retention depends largely on the presence of effective systems, practice management software can help bring their staff to their full potential. This system organizes patient information, sets up schedules, and improves documentation accuracy so your staff will not have to deal with repetitive and tedious work. Instead, with the right software in place, they will be able to assist in more important aspects of your practice.

Human Resource Solutions

Along with practice management software, you also need to equip your human resources department with the right tools for managing and engaging healthcare staff. The right software can transform performance management with real-time feedback, as opposed to having to wait for annual reveiws; helping to build a happy, engaged, high-performing workplace. Furthermore, whether it’s on-site nurses or virtual medical assistants, a robust employee management platform can help HR make faster decisions when it comes to processing leaves, handling payroll-related tasks, improving internal communications, and organizing upskilling sessions.

Such a platform can also aid you in recruiting new staff if you are looking to expand your practice or replace staff members who are about to leave your organization. It can help you analyze the time it takes for becoming a FNP or a licensed clinical social worker so you will know the best season for running a recruitment campaign. You will be able to make a good first impression among potential staff members using the right tool.

Telehealth and Telemedicine Platforms

Modernizing your practice would mean incorporating telehealth and telemedicine technology. These have been helpful for the past two years as they allow healthcare providers to engage patients remotely. Moreover, these technologies are also invaluable for boosting employee retention.

For one, telehealth can help mitigate the effects of burnout among primary care staff who are vulnerable to stressful environments of on-site work. Other than that, telehealth also allows a flexible working arrangement for practitioners and nurses with comorbidities or other conditions. With telehealth becoming a new reality, you will be able to keep healthcare employees closer together despite the distances

Technology has changed the healthcare sector in many ways. Aside from improving patient retention, using the latest tools can help practitioners and administrators keep their best people and provide feedback to their business leaders.

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