The Application of Plastics For Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards are highly transparent and can be easily installed in residential and commercial applications and do not require special mounting hardware. These clear-plastic guards are effective towards preventing the spread of germs and pathogens in commercial places like banks, restaurants, pharmacies, and check-out registers.

With these resilient materials, germs can be easily contained. They maintain optical clarity while providing durability, strength, and lightness. Plastic sneeze guards are easy to clean and sanitize, leaving it clean and safe to use in a business environment.

Plastic Sneeze Guards For Customer Service Partition Solutions

Plastic sneeze guards can be customized to suit your counter area, thereby creating the ideal solution for your business needs. If your customer partition area needs a plastic sneeze guard with a wide breadth and no pass-through section, plastic sneeze guards offer you the right solution. You can also have a portable screen guard that can be moved from one place to another.

Even with the ravaging epidemic happening all over the world, you can create a safe working environment for your employees and customers with the use of Regal Plastics – Coronavirus Protective Gear. These shields are either available in ready-made materials or customizable options. 

Ready-Made Sneeze Guards For Various Business Solutions

Most sneeze-guard barriers come in ready-to-install solutions. The installation process is direct and easy, making it ideal for various commercial setups. Better yet, they are made of top-quality acrylic materials that offer transparency for easy communication. This implies that customers can converse with employees in an improved safe environment without having to worry about contracting germs or pathogens. It is an effective way to improve health and safety with less cost.

Installation ranges from freestanding to double-sided tape options – ideal for any commercial setting. These barriers can be installed on existing countertops and can fit in-between cash points.  They are also ideal for multiple workstations as well.

Types of Plastic Sneeze Guards

Plastic sneeze guards act as partitions that separates customers or other people from products or employees, reducing the circulation of germs and pathogens. They are sought after in various environments like bakeries, buffets, grocery stores, cafeterias, banks, pharmacies, and other point-of-purchase points. Here are some types of sneeze guards you can purchase for various business needs:

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to re-evaluate and upgrade their safety measure practices. Aside from this pandemic, working spaces must be neat, sanitized, and protected at all times. One of the ways to achieve this goal is through the use of plastic sneeze guards. Equipping your work environment with physical barriers and guards can keep you, your team, and your customers safe from germs and pathogens.

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