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How to Choose A Smart Movement Fitness Tracker

1.3'' Large Touch Screen Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Smart Watch in ...A modern activity tracker is not just a pedometer, it is a smart device designed to increase your attention to the risks that affect your health. Fitness bracelet, sports bracelet, smart bracelet – it doesn’t matter how the manufacturer specifically classifies their device, the unifying factor is the functions that monitor your health indicators.

How To Select A Fitness Tracker For You

The bracelet on the arm focuses on those indicators that are easiest to collect – these are the time of your activity, the quality of sleep, the number of steps per day, the approximate number of calories burned, heart rate and training intensity.

The second factor influencing the cost of the gadget is the method of notification of the achieved indicators – this can be an external screen, a connection to a smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth, and even Wi-Fi, vibration and light indicators.

Additional functionality in the bracelets are GPS sensors – in this case, you can record jogging, hiking or even walking more accurately, along with the route and speed of movement.

In addition to fixing, most bracelets also support the setting and calculation of the implementation of certain daily norms – this is a way to motivate and even control your exercises. Thanks to the bracelet, you can detect a lack of physical activity, receive timely notifications about the need to warm up, monitor your training schedule and your own health.

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