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Implementing Data To Increase Employee Engagement In Healthcare

By Scott Mathews, freelance writer.

Scott Mathews
Scott Mathews

Data is the future of healthcare, especially when it’s combined with new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. As we generate more and more healthcare data, we increase the potential for us to discover deep insights that might otherwise have gone undiscovered.

Data analysis can be used to enhance drug discovery by running simulations and identifying areas of potential research. It could also be used to provide a kind of Netflix of healthcare which provides personalized recommendations for every patient based on what’s worked well for other, similar patients.

And of course, it can also be used to improve employee engagement. After all, it’s these front line employees that are interacting with patients and acting as the face of your organisation. An engaged employee can make all of the difference, both to your bottom line and to the patient’s prognosis.

Here are seven tips to help you to get started.

Monitor engagement

You can’t track whether your efforts are having an impact if you’re not tracking employee engagement in the first place. Bernice Winters of XpertWriters.com recommends using 360-degree feedback programs at regular intervals and adds that you can never gather too much data. “Even if you don’t need that data today,” she says, “you never know when you might need it in the future.”

Choose the right metrics

If you try to measure too much, you stretch yourself too thin and spend more time logging the data than acting on what you’ve learned. If you measure too little, you find yourself with insufficient data to make effective decisions. You’ll also want to ask questions that are specific to your business so that you can dig deeper.

Provide data-led training

Edward Laws of CareersBooster.com says that any company that isn’t providing training is failing to invest in its own future. In the healthcare industry, employers have a responsibility to provide training to staff so that they’re providing the best service possible. Data-led solutions can help you to identify weaknesses and to help employees to address them before it’s too late.

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