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Health IT Startup: Spotlight Health

Spotlight Health allows consumers the ability to compare prices on medical procedures from doctors, hospitals and clinics in their area.

Elevator pitch

With the dramatic increase in high-deductible health insurance plans, more and more people now have to pay for medically necessary procedures out-of-pocket. There is a consumer need in the healthcare market that wasn’t being served. Spotlight Health now makes it easy to research how much potential medical procedures will cost and allows consumers to have an active role in their healthcare spending choices.

Product/service description

Spotlight Health allows consumers to compare healthcare costs for providers, procedures, treatments and office visits in their area. The Spotlight Health technology lets users find providers, clinics and hospitals in their geographical area based on city, state and zip code. The site also allows users to get estimated pricing for procedures, treatments, therapies and conditions based on the individual criteria. Our goal is to put price transparency in the hands of the consumer, while providing valuable data to patients, physicians, clinics and hospitals.

Marketing/promotion strategy

Our vision for promoting Spotlight Health and generating income is to partner with healthcare providers (physicians, hospitals, clinics) so that they can update their pricing profile to reflect their exact charges. Providers will be able to advertise and promote their business to compete as the market shifts to a more consumer driven model. We are going to be adding a division that will help consult patients on their healthcare costs and help providers set the appropriate market price for their billing. In addition, our SEO and marketing teams are looking for ways we can improve visibility to reach more healthcare consumers.

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