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The Latest Advancements In Hip Replacement Surgery

As the years go by and the body begins to enter its old age, it’s only natural for aches and pains to begin to appear. Many older people will begin to notice issues with their joints, in particular, and the hip is one of the most commonly affected areas, requiring treatment.

More than 175,000 people undergo hip replacement surgery every year for a variety of reasons, and this surgery can be life-changing, helping to alleviate pain and suffering, help with movement, and prevent further damage being done to the hip joint itself.

With a hip replacement or implant, damaged or diseased parts of the joint are removed or smoothed out, replaced or covered over with pieces of metal, plastic, or ceramic that mimic the way the joint functions. Studies show that this surgery can help people live longer and massively improve their quality of life.

As with other areas of medicine, we’ve seen big advancements in how hip replacements work as time goes by, leading to more successful surgeries and better results for patients. Some risks still exist and the process isn’t perfect, by any means, but great strides have been made, as shown below.

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