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Top 5 Largest Online Therapy Sites Compared

Online therapy has made treatment for mental health not only affordable but easily accessible as well. It offers a great treatment solution for people without reliable transportation, unconventional working hours or lack of health insurance.

With the rapid advancement in the world of online video chat and messaging, a vast range of therapy online options has sprung up for people to choose from.

To help you determine which online therapy site is best suited for your needs, we have carefully evaluated and scoped out five of the most popular mental therapy sites by paying particular attention to the things that matter most to those looking for mental health support online.


Depending on the treatment needed, this amazing app offers among other things, couple counseling, family counseling, and individual counseling. Their trained psychologists and clinical social workers then match you to the right counselor after checking your filled-up questionnaire. If you don’t approve of whom you have been paired with, a simple email to BetterHelp can help change that.

Once you have been successfully matched you can start contacting your counselor in a private and secure chat room or even schedule a live chat with your counselor. For those who wish to speak out their problems out loud, you can schedule a phone call for up to sixty minutes with your therapist.

Though BetterHelp paid services are not covered by health insurance companies, they charge a reasonable $35-$80 per week with the option of a 7-day free trial which can be canceled at any time. For those unemployed or going through financial difficulties, BetterHelp offers a 40% discount.

Finally, for someone who never wishes to leave the home and at the same time enjoy the ease of 24×7 texting and communication, there is nothing better than BetterHelp. Keep in mind though that this app should never be considered as a substitute for emergencies and when in immediate danger.

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