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Incorporating Evidence-based Decisions to Support Gut Calls in the OR: The Entry of Case-based Reasoning into Healthcare

Incorporating Evidence-Based Decisions to Support Gut Calls in the OR: The Entry of Case-Based Reasoning into Healthcare

Guest post by Neal Benedict, CEO, healthcare, Verdande Technology.

With increasing financial pressure on the industry, healthcare is being redefined to focus on quality outcomes at lower costs. Providers in particular need to look to new ways to utilize data to improve outcomes, while taking into account the rapid changes that can occur during a case. No matter how prepared physicians may be before surgery, the situation can shift dramatically on the operating table and physicians need evidence-based support to make the smartest real-time decisions.

While the accumulated experience and skill of physicians allows them to make gut calls based on instinct, there is no substitute for data-backed, evidence-based information to support these calls. Many hospitals and physicians currently do not have the tools or technology to leverage the inordinate amount of data they produce to assist in making decisions in real time.

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