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5 Facts About Medical Billing and Coding Education You Should Know

Medical billing services are one of those topics that can never be discussed enough if you are related to the healthcare industry. Hence, laying down opportunities for students to adapt and see themselves in the role of a medical biller and coder is a process we all should know.

Many people are choosing this field because of higher earnings at the end of the day. And this makes medical billing and coding education a highly beneficial and suitable career in the long run, in an environment where healthcare providers are shifting to electronic health records.

You can become a certified medical reimbursement specialist by passing a medical billing certification exam that is held by American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC).

  1. Medical Billing and Coding Education – As a Career Move

You become a certified professional biller (CPB) after taking the CPB exam, answering 200 multiple choice questions within a time limit of five hours and 40 minutes. It only takes a mix of interest and passion for a healthcare professional to go through this guide.

The certified medical billing specialist (CMBS) examination consists of a 100 multiple choice questions, and by successfully answering them, you can become an authentic medical biller. However, medical coding or just coding requires the students to follow different criteria set.

Certified medical coder (CPC) certification brings you up to speed with the coding world, and by passing it, you become a certified coder. This gives you an edge over the others without a certification when the companies are looking to hire medical coders. The CPC exam, however, has 150 multiple choice questions with reading materials available online.

  1. Certified Medical Biller’s Salary

The certifications are not mandatory, but they help you in landing a well-paid job. According to a survey in 2012, a medical biller earned $16.42 an hour, bulking up to $34,000 a year. With added experience, the pay will increase over time. An experienced certified biller and coder can quickly earn up to $50,000 a year.

Medical billing online jobs are abundantly available since it is an emerging field. The reward is also generous with the option of being able to work from home. Many people are managing more time for their friends and family by working as a part-time or remotely.

There is a four-week online course for medical billing as well. It takes more of your ability than the actual duration to influence your medical billing career. There are many online medical billing programs you can get enrolled in and start learning. By the time medical billing and coding education ends, you’ll feel accustomed to all the complicated medical jargon.

There are courses available for both the mediums. You can study online and appear in the exams at $129 per credit hour. Or you can attend regular classes at a university. For students living outside the US, the tuition fee jumps up to $315 per credit hour.

Federal student aid programs allow students to have loans and grants for pursuing medical billing courses. You can also look for AHIMA merit-based scholarships if you’re a student with distinction.

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