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Strategies From a Healthcare Expert That Can Aid In Optimizing and Maximizing Your Organizations’ Telehealth Footprint

Lisa Miller

By Lisa Miller, CEO and founder, VIE Healthcare Consulting.

Telehealth is far more than a technology that allows patients to be monitored virtually within a hospital by a specialist or at home by a provider. Although these are key areas for hospitals to utilize telehealth for patients to access specialists and for home care – there is so much more.

My definition of telehealth is that it is a healthcare strategy to be utilized to dramatically improve the care of patients and communities and to support families who care for patients.

4 Ways Telehealth Can Improve Hospital Operations

  1. Telehealth can aid in reducing hospital readmissions as patient behaviors account for most of the readmissions from medication nonadherence, not scheduling follow-up appointments and, not having access to equipment or supplies.
  2. Proactively utilizing telehealth for high-risk patients and for the elderly, to maintain care at home and ensure health outcomes.
  3. Innovative areas where telehealth can be used include rehabilitation care, mental health resources, and even second opinions.
  4. Telehealth can be used within hospital marketing campaigns to increase awareness and utilization of the service.

As a seasoned industry expert in the healthcare industry, and the CEO and founder of VIE Healthcare Consulting, I am considered a trusted advisor to hospital leaders on operational strategies within margin improvement, process improvements, technology/telehealth, the patient experience, and growth opportunities.

Since founding VIE in 1999, my team and I have achieved over $785 million in non-salary cost savings and revenue improvements for clients globally. My goal is to continuously encourage hospital leaders to achieve their boldest vision and in order to help them do so, I have created the healthcare sector’s only cost savings strategy methodology that is proven to extract unnecessary costs.

For healthcare providers, developing a specific telehealth strategy is key to your overall strategic plan. To begin, I will provide you with five self-assessment strategies to help you further define, develop and deploy a comprehensive telehealth strategy in your organization.

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