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Understanding Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generators (Oxygen Machines) On the Market

The 5 Best Oxygen ConcentratorsThere is no decisive role for consumers to choose an oxygen extraction rate. The data of molecular sieve procurement and production used by each manufacturer are not disclosed. It can only be what people advertise.

If it were not the purchasing and project manager of the oxygen maker, the people working in the factory would not know what molecular sieve was used.

The decision to write this article is to force myself to study, and can also help the medical device peers in the industry. Many people may also want to know, but no one writes about them.

  1. First review the basic knowledge

Molecular sieve composition: It is a synthetic zeolite material with precise and uniform structure and pore size. This allows them to preferentially adsorb gases and liquids based on molecular size and polarity.

Zeolites are naturally occurring, highly porous crystalline solids and belong to a chemical category called aluminosilicates.

There are four main types of molecular sieves: 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X. The type depends on the chemical formula of the molecule, which determines the pore size of the molecular sieve.

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