Frequently Asked Questions About Household Oxygen Concentrators

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for health has gradually increased, and family oxygen inhalation has gradually become an important part of family rehabilitation. However, we sometimes encounter some small problems in the process of using the oxygen generator.

Today, the editor summarized a few common problems of home oxygen concentrators to share with you, and attached the daily maintenance methods of the oxygen concentrator. Friends who use oxygen concentrators at home should not miss it.

Boot alarm

Most oxygen concentrators are equipped with a self-check function. When we turn on the oxygen concentrator, the machine automatically enters the self-check program. This time will last for two to three seconds. During the self-check, the oxygen concentrator lights up all The indicator light and the buzzer will sound, this is the performance of the machine’s normal work, not a reminder of a fault alarm.

The hour meter has a reading

Sometimes when users receive a new machine, they will find that the hour meter does not read “0”, so they often wonder whether the machine they received is a second-hand machine.

In fact, the initial reading of the hour meter is indeed 0, and the reading on the hour meter is actually because each of our Boswell oxygen concentrators has to undergo pre-factory testing before leaving the factory. Generally, the routine test usually takes 2-8 hours ( Individuals will be more than 8 hours). After a series of tests, all qualified and ensured that there is no problem at all, it will be packed and shipped. The hour meter is timing during the whole process, and the timing function is irreversible. Therefore, the hour meter will have a reading of more than 2 hours for the machine that our users get.

Turn on fault lights both on

The specific performance is: the oxygen generator does not work when the machine is turned on, and the machine shows that there is no response after the machine is turned on, but the buzzer sounds once every 8 seconds, and the maintenance fault light is on at the same time.

This phenomenon is a power failure alarm of the machine, which means that the machine is not powered on when the oxygen generator switch is turned on. To solve the problem, check whether the power cord is connected to the machine. If there is no problem with the connection, check whether the plug is connected to the wall power supply or the power strip! If these are all right, we have to consider whether the power terminal is not powered.

The flow meter cannot be adjusted

The specific performance is: after using the oxygen concentrator for a period of time, the flow rate becomes smaller and cannot be adjusted higher.

Regarding the problem that the flow cannot be adjusted, the first thing to consider is whether the nasal oxygen tube is broken, resulting in poor ventilation. After eliminating this factor, this phenomenon is usually caused by the blockage of the air outlet at the bottom of the humidification cup. The solution is relatively simple. Remove the humidification bottle, open the lid, and wipe off the scale attached to the bottom air outlet with a wet wipe That’s it. Here we recommend that qualified users can use distilled water, or pure water. This will minimize the generation of scale.

Maintenance of oxygen consumables

The Boswell oxygen generator is equipped with a four-stage filtration system, which is a first-stage filter cotton, a second-stage filter, a third-stage compressor inline filter, and a fourth-stage biofilm filter. In this four-stage filtration system, the third and fourth-stage filters do not need to be replaced for life, while the first and second-stage filters need to be replaced, especially the second-stage filter, which is usually replaced every 2000 hours. Generally speaking, the primary filter cotton does not need to be replaced as long as there is no structural damage, and we need to clean it frequently, but if the structure is damaged, we need to replace it in time.

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