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3 Jobs That Allow You To Be Your Own Boss In the Health Industry

Ever since you were a tween, you have wanted to work in the health industry. Now that you are an adult, you still dream of being part of the medical industry in some capacity, but you would prefer to be your own boss instead of working in a hospital or starting up your own practice.

Fortunately, there are a number of jobs that relate to medicine and health that you can do from home and/or on your own time. For example, consider the following trio of ideas:

Home-based medical billing business

In order for the medical industry to function, payments must come in on a regular basis. If the idea of learning medical codes and working on a computer in a home office sounds appealing, you can pursue a health industry job in medical billing. There are a number of options in the medical billing industry, including working with family practitioners, psychologists and/or nursing homes. If you have previous experience in one area of healthcare, you might find it easier to focus on that industry when setting up your medical billing business; you might also be able to network with physicians from that field. To set up this type of home-based business, you will need a clearinghouse, which is a company that electronically receives and sends medical billing claims, a computer, medical billing software, insurance forms and reference materials including coding books.

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Health IT Startup: MedTrainer

Site logoMedTrainer is the creator of an all-in-one compliance management suite that encompasses all the tools healthcare professionals need to manage processes, increase departmental collaboration and simplify compliance.

Elevator pitch

The MedTrainer all-in-one compliance management suite combines a learning management system (LMS) with governance, risk and compliance (GRC) and provider credentialing to make compliance management accessible online, 24/7, to all healthcare organizations at a price they can afford.

Founders’ story

After growing three different companies to profitable buyout, MedTrainer’s co-founders, Steve Gallion (CEO) and Jorge Fernandez (COO), invested the equity from the eight-figure acquisition of the third joint endeavor, Waste Stream Solutions (a more than 4,700 percent return on investment), to co-found and fund MedTrainer.

Gallion and Fernandez realized the inefficiencies and challenges of the current market and created the first all-in-one compliance management suite that encompasses all the tools healthcare professionals need to manage processes, increase departmental collaboration and simplify compliance. The powerful, innovative and affordable solution improves efficiency across practices.

MedTrainer is headquartered in Redlands, California, and has offices in Denver; New York; Washington, D.C.; Queretaro, Mexico; and Mexico City. In 2017, the company doubled its staff to 85 employees, added a chief technology officer to foster continued development and enhance top-level support, and achieved 400-percent growth over the previous year. The system is now used by 300,000 healthcare professionals, representing 15,000 healthcare sites and Fortune 500 companies across North America. Not only have these organizations saved money by consolidating to a single compliance management solution, but they have also seen how proper training and compliance management can directly result in more efficient facility operations and a higher level of patient care.

Marketing/promotion strategy

Founded in 2013, MedTrainer supports primary care offices, ambulatory surgery centers, urgent care facilities, multi-specialty practices, federally qualified health centers (FQHC), dental offices, veterinary practices, long-term care facilities and community health centers. The company uses a mixture of direct marketing, online and offline strategy, and partnerships to promote the MedTrainer suite.

Market opportunity

In the healthcare industry, compliance and education software has always been reserved for enterprise-level organizations and major hospital systems. Even then, healthcare professionals have to run dozens of different software in parallel to manage requirements. Add growing regulations and shrinking budgets and it becomes even more difficult for healthcare providers to keep up with compliance education requirements and provide top care to their patients.

With MedTrainer, healthcare organizations can access more than 25 different modules 24 hours a day. MedTrainer’s CMS provides a learning management system with more than 200 custom courses; modules for management of policies and procedures, SDS, equipment life cycles and contracts; a license and credential tracking center; safety plans and incident reports; expert virtual compliance support; QuickCred provider credentialing; compliance tool kits; OIG/SAM checks; and security risk assessments.

Who are your competitors?

As the first all-in-one compliance management suite on the market, MedTrainer does not have any direct competitors. However, companies like HealthStream, Verity and Relias provide solutions with similar functionality to some of MedTrainer’s modules.

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