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Top 6 In-Demand Healthcare Tech Jobs For 2022 and Beyond

Laser Operation, Eye Operation, Surgeon, HealthcareAs more companies adopt tech and IT in their operations, technology and IT professions gather momentum. Companies also try to attract top tech talent to support their digital transformations as the tech playing fields are no longer level.

For some people, this means filling most in-demand roles, from data-focused and network administration to security-related positions. For other people like students, this means getting a career head start on in-demand tech and IT jobs. Whether you want to change companies’ roles or find a new career path, it’s important to know the most sought-after IT roles in the market. The following is a list of seven IT and technology jobs that are popular in the healthcare industry:

1.   Database Administrator or Architect

A database architect administrator builds or maintains database software for easy data access. While architects design and build databases, administrators focus on daily database system operations. These roles have a lot of crossover, as they are both responsible for ensuring data servers remain efficient and operational. They also oversee data security, partitions, implementation, backup, replication, and storage. This role pays between $82,750 and $124,750 per year.

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