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3 Jobs That Allow You To Be Your Own Boss In the Health Industry

Ever since you were a tween, you have wanted to work in the health industry. Now that you are an adult, you still dream of being part of the medical industry in some capacity, but you would prefer to be your own boss instead of working in a hospital or starting up your own practice.

Fortunately, there are a number of jobs that relate to medicine and health that you can do from home and/or on your own time. For example, consider the following trio of ideas:

Home-based medical billing business

In order for the medical industry to function, payments must come in on a regular basis. If the idea of learning medical codes and working on a computer in a home office sounds appealing, you can pursue a health industry job in medical billing. There are a number of options in the medical billing industry, including working with family practitioners, psychologists and/or nursing homes. If you have previous experience in one area of healthcare, you might find it easier to focus on that industry when setting up your medical billing business; you might also be able to network with physicians from that field. To set up this type of home-based business, you will need a clearinghouse, which is a company that electronically receives and sends medical billing claims, a computer, medical billing software, insurance forms and reference materials including coding books.

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