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12 Best Apps For Tracking Health and Fitness

In the age of technology, many aspects of our daily lives have increased in ease, efficiency and even effectiveness. In other words, tasks are less complicated or difficult and we can do things faster and better than ever before.

Since we can use smartphones to communicate, research, navigate, and play in ways our forefathers couldn’t have imagined, why not apply the same resource to our physical health? The app store offers a couple of million applications, many of them free, including fitness apps.

Just like there are apps that track your social media followers, calendar, and sleep (among other things), there are also apps that track your health. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or weight lifter, there are apps that can improve your workout experience.

Our friends at Bestow picked the 12 best fitness apps, all of which have high ratings on the App Store. Read the infographic below to learn more.