More Than 350,000 Health Apps Available To Patients

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We, as people, have become more and more aware of the importance of taking care of our own health and wellbeing. This means that we all are looking for the best ways to monitor our health, track our food intake and work out how often we are working out.  

Whilst there are old-fashioned ways to do this, digital health apps have become the fundamental way to ensure that you take good care of yourself.  

The rise of the digital health app 

Apps have definitely become part and parcel of our everyday lives, and it seems that we now have an app available to us for most things that we need to do. Shopping, banking, social media, and so much more, there are apps for everything that you may want to do in your life. 

One of the latest apps to have seen an increase in development and release is health apps that use the latest technology, including search engine api databases to help us better take care of ourselves and monitor our wellbeing.

According to the IQVIA Institute, during 2020, there were 90,000 new health apps introduced into the market, which is a significant increase to how many there used to be.  

The 90,000 increase now takes the number of digital health apps that are available to 350,000. That is an incredible number of apps that help you manage your own wellness and fitness.  

What apps are available? 

Taking a closer look at the report and what types of apps are available for you to access, it has been seen that during 2015 only 28% of the health apps that were out there were targeted towards one particular disease or health condition. 

However, this has seen a change. Now, in 2021, the number of apps dedicated to one disease is 47%, which is a considerable increase. The most common targeted conditions seen in health apps are mental health, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease-related apps. 

Why has this happened? 

It has been ascertained that one of the main reasons for this increase in health apps is the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, more and more people wanted to adopt digital methods to take care of their health and wellbeing rather than go to their doctors to discuss it.  

Not only that but with many people spending more and more time at home, there has also been an increase in the download of certain types of apps. One of the most popular apps downloaded during the pandemic were exercise apps designed to help you work out at home.  

Along with this, mental health apps were also seen to be popular, which ties in with the increase in people reporting that they have found that their mental wellness has decreased over the past year.  

It seems that the increase in health-related apps shows no signs of slowing down, so we are interested to see how they will grow and change over time. Even with our lives going back to normal, finding out more about how we can take charge of our own health is a handy tool for us all to have.

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