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Health IT Startup: The Medical Memory

The Medical Memory’s mission is provide simple and convenient methods for video recording medical conversations and sharing them with patients and their families.

Elevator Pitch

The Medical Memory provides a simple and convenient method of recording medical conversations and distributing them to patients and their families.

Founder’s story

Dr. Randall Porter founded The Medical Memory to help his own patients better understand their condition and treatments. Dr. Porter recognized that his neurology patients did not comprehend the information imparted to them during appointments. Furthermore, Dr. Porter was frustrated with his inability to receive information regarding his own father’s cancer treatment in another state. Since its inception, the company’s vision has been to use video recording technologies to enhance patient understanding of their medical conditions and treatments and to share that information with family members and loved ones.

To achieve this The Medical Memory partners with doctor’s offices to make it simple for patients to request video recordings of their visits. A portable video camera is used to record discussions, imaging and demonstrations. Post visit, an email is sent to the patient with log in information to a page containing the videos. The patient simply logs in from any location with internet access to start reviewing what the doctor said. If desired, the patient can share the page with family and loved ones.

The Medical Memory is a simple and convenient method to keep patients and their loved ones informed of important medical discussions in many cases eliminating unnecessary follow-up appointments.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for The Medical Memory is a comprehensive local and national marketing and public relations campaign focusing on Dr. Porter’s personal experience with patients’ recall, the need for The Medical Memory and the benefit. The media focus is on editors, bloggers, and publications covering health, technology and startups.

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